Slaughter 3 The Rebels: OFFLINE Shooter Game Launches for Android and iOS

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Slaughter reaches its third game with Slaughter 3: The Rebels. The saga of shooting games draws attention with consistent games, full of third-person action. Just like the other games in the franchise, the game is offline and excellent to pick up and beat on Android or iOS.

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Slaughter 3 The Rebels is a premium (paid) game, but it's very cheap. The game was released on Google Play and App Store for only R$ 4,99.

The plot of Slaughter always takes place in a prison full of bandits. The player needs to deal with a rebellion and end the evildoers.


For years, it had been used as a huge prison complex, where all the most dangerous criminals were sentenced to life imprisonment. Thousands of thieves, bandits and murderers, rotting in their rage and fury, wanted to break free.

Now the prison walls have fallen…

The entire complex was overrun by the enraged criminals. All personnel and security were slaughtered and locals were forced to flee into the nearby forest.

You are alone, soldier! Your partner has disappeared and communication with them has been lost. To survive this lawless uprising, you need to be strong and prepared.
Arm yourself with the best weapons, recruit allies and find a way to escape this chaos.

But the great highlight of the franchise is its “console game” look. Not in graphics, but in gameplay. Slaughter 3 follows the pattern, being an episodic shooter, with fun levels and without any kind of limitation system (energy / time) or ads. It's take, play and beat.

Those looking for a good game to pass the time and “close” on their cell phone, will find in Slaughter 3: The Rebels, a simple game in its essence, but that delivers something that is increasingly rare to find: fun without internet .



Developer: Ray Spark
Advertising: No | OFFLINE game
Contains built-in purchases: Yes
Requer Android 4.4  /
Language: English | Size: 500MB

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