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    Skyline: Free Switch Emulator Gets Big Improvement

    skylinethe Nintendo Switch Emulator open source for Android, got a big performance improvement in the last update.

    The great novelty of the update is the possibility of using custom drivers for the GPU, which allows you to choose several drivers and use the one that best suits the user's device.

    The emulator already has several drivers. The novelty is very good for those who do not have a smartphone with a powerful processor or even do not have a device with a Snapdragon processor.

    As a result, several games emulated on Skyline gained performance improvements. The emulator already performs well in many 2D games for Nintendo Switch.


    compatible games

    New Skyline-compatible games that run well on top or mid-range devices are:


    •  Cuphead
    • Hollow Knight
    • Bastion
    • Shantae Risky's Revenge
    • Attack on Titan 2
    • Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae
    • One Piece Unlimited World
    • My Friend Pedro
    • UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe: Late [cl-r]
    • celeste


    See the video from Mr Sujano's channel in which he shows several games running on Skyline:

    Differences between Skyline and EGG NS

    Skyline and EGG NS are the two main Nintendo Switch emulators for Android today.

    Although they have the same function, these two emulators have quite different origins and performance.

    EGG NS is a Chinese emulator that is apparently from the same developers as Happy Chick.

    The problem with EGG NS is that it is an emulator that charges a monthly fee for you to play with touch controls or with controls other than GameSir X2 or X3.

    So Skyline emerged as an open source option, and therefore completely free to use, even offline.

    That's why the Skyline emulator project is so awaited by Android fans who want to emulate Switch on their smartphones. The project is getting several important updates and with each passing day it gets closer to the emulation offered by EGG NS.


    Where to download Skyline

    Skyline is available on the project's official website, which is this one:

    Be very careful when looking for Skyline on Google Play. Right now, there are several fake apps from him on the Google app store.


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