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    Shadowngun Legends Multiplayer Presentation

    Madfinger Games held a livestream recently where they presented some of the gameplay of the multiplayer da Shadowgun Legends. With many bugs and scenarios to be done, the presentation left a little to be desired.

    See the presentation of Shadowngun Legends' multiplayer mode in the video below.

    At the beginning of the broadcast, they present a map that is already ready, but they don't play on it. Instead, they go to a map with simple textures just to show some of the multiplayer gameplay. And that's where the problems start. Bugs with stationary and flying characters or pink characters are constant.

    It became evident that there is much to be done. I don't doubt the quality of Madfinger's work, but presenting Shadowngun Legends in this way may discourage many players from downloading the game.

    On the other hand, this demonstrated how fluid the game is and how well it is running on a variety of devices. Apparently, Shadowgun Legends will be released simultaneously for Android and iOS.

    It is worth remembering once again that Shadowngun Legends is in pre-alpha in its development and there is still a lot to be built for the game to reach the level that was suggested by the producer.

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