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    Shadowgun War Games will be Madfinger's new FPS (Android and iOS)

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    Madfinger Games is preparing a new FPS called Shadowgun War Games. Apparently, the game will use the Shadowgun Legends engine, but will focus on online multiplayer with fast and electrifying matches. The game is planned for Android and iOS.

    Description on the official website:

    Do you think war never changes? Think again! Become part of the Shadowgun War Games, the next chapter in the burgeoning and award-winning Shadowgun universe. Shadowgun War Games is a fast-paced multiplayer mobile FPS that requires tactical thinking and quick reflexes.

    Choose from a variety of heroes and use their unique abilities to dominate the battlefield! Use your skill, work with your team and achieve victory!

    Shadowgun War Games, according to the official Facebook page will be a 5v5 game that takes the best of classic tactical and hero-based shooters and mixes it with our unique style. Choose from the heroes of the Shadowgun Universe and go wild in Capture the Flag mode.

    Madfinger says that Shadowgun War Games will run at 60fps on most phones, but certain handsets like the Asus ROG will be able to hit 90fps on their highest refresh screens. Madfinger doesn't mention a release date other than sometime in 2019, but you can subscribe to the mailing list for more information as it becomes available.

    If I had to guess, I'd say that Shadowgun War Games will be a Hero Shooter, Modern Combat Versus style or something along the lines of the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 multiplayer. But I could be wrong. And what did you think of the news? Leave a comment.

    Pre-registration link and official website:

    [originally published August 21, 2018]

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