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    See tips and tricks for MARVEL Future Revolution

    MARVEL Future Revolution, the latest collaboration between Netmarble Corp. and Marvel Entertainment, is Marvel's first open-world action role-playing game for mobile platforms, and is available for free from August 25 this year on the App Store and Google Play.

    Filled with high-stakes adventures, unique missions and zones, and endless onslaught threats from fearsome enemies, MARVEL Future Revolution allows players to step into the role of beloved superheroes to venture into a totally original storyline inspired by decades of Marvel stories.

    Here are some tips and tricks to succeed in Marvel's first mobile open-world action RPG:

    Equipment improvements

    • Prime Earth is full of challenges around every corner, so remember to constantly upgrade your Outfits, Battle Badges, and other gear, and keep yourself equipped with Medic Kits to keep your superhero at peak performance;

    • During the game, new equipment, better than the one currently equipped, will appear on the screen so you can immediately equip it by clicking on it without missing a beat and even when hitting enemies!

    • Lightning War, Epic Quests, Raids, and Special Ops will often reward you with higher-level gear and other items that will ultimately boost your stats and help you survive future missions or multiplayer content.


    Skill improvements

    • As your superhero levels up, don't forget to continually upgrade their skills to deal the maximum amount of damage per skill;

    • That said, each skill can be beneficial for different scenarios. For example: Iron-Man's starting ability "Unibeam" only attacks in front of your character while pushing the enemy back, which is great in the early stages;

    • That same "Unibeam" can later be upgraded to a "Unibeam" that stuns with reduced damage output. This can be useful during an intense raid with friends if your team is being attacked by multiple enemies at the same time;

    • But what's a skill if you can't master it? With Skill Mastery, skill effects can grow and change to provide more flexibility, such as a massive stun or debuff! The character combinations that can result from this can be surprising!

    • Change your skill presets to suit your playstyle, save up to three skill presets for different situations like Epic Quests, Lightning Wars, Raids and PvP modes like Omega War;

    • Constantly changing your skills and upgrading them as you play will give you the upper hand. Always remember to test different skill combinations to adapt to each challenge.


    Outfits and Omega Cards Improvements

    • Remember to always update your outfits and Omega Cards;

    • Along your journey, you will find many items that will help you on your path to growth and victory;

    • Suits not only make your superhero cool, but also increase his overall strength and powers, so make sure to equip and upgrade your uniforms;

    • Do you have a favorite look for your superhero that you just can't change? No problems! You can keep this look and apply it to any outfit you've equipped using the Customization feature. Once you collect a new suit piece, you retain its visual appearance, even if you disassemble it for upgrade materials;

    • Omega Cards are not just for collecting. Be sure to equip them on your superhero and upgrade your favorites to have the strongest squad on your side! You can also earn set bonuses by collecting Omega Cards from the same series.


    Dodging enemies

    • It can be great to unleash the full fury of your superhero's powers on an enemy, but even the most experienced superhero needs to manage their abilities and not be overwhelmed by enemies and supervillains. Here's where dodging is your best option to get out of the way of big attacks with a short period of invulnerability to help you plan your next action;

    • The dodge button is the key to avoiding large enemy attacks that usually come from enemy bosses;

    • Keep your finger ready on the dodge button and look for visual clues where the boss attacks are coming from, they will be shown before they land in a highlighted area.


    Powerful character tips

    • Characters like Captain Marvel and Captain America are strong tank units that can inflict good damage, but most importantly, soak up a lot of hits;

    • Use these characters to your advantage if you enjoy playing with them; get really close to your enemies and fend off many smaller hits from your allies that do more focused damage, like Storm or Doctor Strange;

    • Remember, good multiplayer team composition is what determines victories in Lightning Wars, Raids, and Special Ops. Try diversifying your team and communicating with friends for maximum efficiency.


    Creating your super squad

    • Are you enjoying the adventures with your current superhero? Did you know that using multiple superheroes on one account increases your total power level? All superheroes contribute to your total Squad Power, and even when not in use, their Power level counts towards the Squad Power system!

    • So get out there and add another superhero to the fight to keep Prime Earth safe from enemies from all converging Earths!


    Do side quests

    • Have you flown towards the next objective that Nick Fury or Tony Stark has assigned you and been stopped by a pedestrian on the street asking for help? Your first instinct might be to rush through the main Epic Quest storyline, but to hit the level cap and maximize your growth, avoid missing out on the side quests, collectibles, and hidden items in each region of Prime Earth;

    • Trouble finding side quests? Use the map and click on the green exclamations to automatically move to each mission;

    • Next time, take a few minutes to save the universe and help! These side quests will earn you rewards like XP, outfits, and gear, while providing truly fun and unique Marvel experiences!


    Complete limited-time events and daily quests

    • There's always something to do when you enter MARVEL Future Revolution, but did you know there are limited-time daily events?

    • By logging into the game once a day, you will receive Rocket Racoon rewards;

    • Completing Rocket Racoon's daily quests will make him even happier, so he'll grant you additional rewards. And who doesn't want to make Rocket Racoon happy?!?!


    Pay attention to camera angles

    • After completing some epic quests and unlocking new multiplayer game modes like Lightning Wars, you might find yourself in a difficult situation where you can't control the amount of enemies approaching you;

    • Don't worry: this requires a quick camera adjustment. You can adjust between three different camera angles to best suit your playing style and situation;

    • If you have multiple enemies coming at you from different directions, you should probably switch the camera to the wide angle to better assess the situation;

    • Facing a big boss that requires you to focus and pay attention to the attacks he's going to receive? Switch to a narrower camera angle, select the boss and hit the Target icon to keep the focus on that boss target and take care of business!


    Explore the maximum potential of each hero

    • Each superhero has unique abilities that they can bring into battle.

    • But did you know that you can further enhance and modify your playstyle with the Potential system? Potential can further customize the superhero's stats to reduce cooldowns, increase his power, and offer other specializations to allow for more unique options for battles;

    • Collect potential reports and use them to increase your superhero's Potential and keep growing to face greater challenges in MARVEL Future Revolution!


    Developed by Netmarble Monster, MARVEL Future Revolution is the second collaboration between Netmarble and Marvel Entertainment, succeeding the long-running mobile game MARVEL Future Fight, enjoyed by over 120 million people worldwide.

    For the latest MARVEL Future Revolution news, visit the official website ( and follow #MARVELFutureRevolution on all social media:


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