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    See the Best Gamepads (Controls) for iPhone and iPad

    Android is well served with Bluetooth controls, options abound. But what about the iPhone? In this article, you'll check out the best controllers for iPhone and iPad, where to buy them, and their price range.

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    – What is MFi?

    MFi is Apple's qualifying seal for products that the brand certifies as "made for its iDevices". This badge is especially important for controllers, as gamepads with this badge have standard Apple specs.

    – PXN Speedy – 6603

    This controller is the cheapest gamepad for iPhone and iPad with MFi today, and the easiest to find too. It is the control that does the best in the cost-benefit set.

    The PXN – 6603 has a nice piano black finish. The set of buttons, and body, resemble the Xbox 360. In addition, the 6603 has a grip to dock your iPhone. It supports iPhone from 5S to 8 Plus.

    Like any MFi controller for iOS, just turn it on and it's recognized by the iPhone and the game.


    • Charging time: 2 hours
    • Play time: 30 hours
    • Battery capacity: 550mAh
    • Charging mode: USB charging
    • Compatible system: IOS7 or above (all Apple devices)
    • Connection: Bluetooth connection
    • Compatible with games: Games Compatible controller introduced by iTunes App store
    • Package Size: 15.3*11*6.1CM
    • Weight: 0.59 KG
    • Color: Black, White

    Speedy 6603 price ranges from R$130 to R$200 reais.

    Where to find?

    Link to Buy on GearBest

    Link to Buy not Ebay

    – 8Bitdo SF30 Pro (and others similar to Nintendo)

    8Bitdo is a manufacturer that produces controls with great compatibility. They support Android, PC and iOS. However, it is necessary to be aware that these controls are not MFi (may not work properly in some games on iOS). But they are great for emulators.

    There are several models, the SF30 Pro (Super Nintendo), N30 Pro (Nintendo 8bits) and other simpler versions. Our tip is to also buy the hook to attach the iPhone to the controller, and have a real laptop in your hands.

    The price of 8Bitdo controllers ranges from R$100 to R$150 reais.

    Link to buy the SF30 Pro (Super Nintendo)

    Link to buy N30 Pro (Nintendo 8bit)

    Link to buy the F30 Pro (Nintendo Golden)

    Link to buy the coupler hook

    – Mad Catz C.T.R.L.i e Micro C.T.R.L.i

    Mad Catz makes two controllers for iPhone and iPad, the CTRLi and Micro CTRLi Both are very similar, the only difference is the size. Both gamepads fully support the MFi system.

    The Mad Catz Gamepads are very reminiscent of the PXN, with similar buttons and analogs. They are well built and from a well known brand. However, it is difficult to find them for sale. The best options to look for are Amazon or Ebay.

    Link to Buy on Amazon

    Link to Buy not Ebay


    REBEL is another member of this category of controls for iOS with MFi standard. It resembles an iPega 9021. In fact, it was the iPega that was inspired by the competitor's control.

    It turns out that MOGA no longer sells the controller in their store, and it looks like the company is in financial trouble. But the controls work very well. As with Mad Catz, the best options to find it are Amazon or Ebay.

    Link to Buy not Ebay

    Link to Buy on Amazon

    – Gamevice Control for iPhone and iPad

    It's time to talk about iPhone controllers sold in Spain. Don't be surprised by the absurdity. Here, iOS controls, in official stores, are sold for more than R$ 1.200 reais (almost the value of a Xiaomi Mi6). RIDICULOUS!

    But luckily, you can find Gamevice elsewhere. One of them is Ebay, where it is sold for around R$ 200 reais, with shipping already included.

    The Gamevice format is a Gamepad type where your smartphone is “inside” the controller. Thus, it turns into a kind of portable console, like a PSP.

    There is also an iPad version of Gamevice, with versions for iPad Mini and iPad Pro.

    The great differential of Gamevice gamepads is not needing bluetooth. You don't need to pair or anything like that. Just dock your smartphone or tablet and that's it. Thanks to the connection model (via connector), the latency (delay) of the commands is very low.

    Link to Buy not Ebay

    – Steelseries Nimbus

    Steelseries Nimbus is a controller for Apple TV, which if you have no options, you can use it on your iPhone and iPad without any problems. However, there will be a problem. There is no feature on the controller to secure your smartphone or tablet. So you need to support your gadgets somewhere to enjoy a game.

    The Nimbus is also sold in Spain. His price around here is the one we already imagined, R$ 799! But on ebay you can find the Nimbus for around R$200 reais.

    Link to Buy not Ebay

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