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    See Crysis running on an Android phone

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    Your cell phone runs Crysis? The perennial meme of asking if someone's PC runs Crysis can now be applied to smartphones. A Youtuber named “Luis” managed to make one of the heaviest games of yesteryear run on Android.

    To accomplish the feat, he used the already well-known “emulator” ExaGear. As you may already know, ExaGear isn't exactly an emulator, it's a compatibility layer that is quite complicated to configure.

    It turns out that as the “emulator” is extinct, the configuration is up to the community and each group is modifying its version of Wine to be able to run the games through mods.

    To play Crysis on ExaGear you will need to use Wine 6.0 (the compatibility layer) and a smartphone or tablet with a processor that is at least Snapdragon 865 or higher.

    But don't get too carried away, the game runs on ExaGear on very very low settings. The indicated resolution is 800×600 with graphics setting on low and frame rate below 30fps.

    Check out the video of Crysis running on mobile:


    The Spanish Youtuber “Senor Linguiça” also tested the novelty and promised to make a tutorial on how to use the “emulator” ExaGear.


    About ExaGear

    ExaGear is an extinct emulator, but it has gained a lot of notoriety thanks to the work of the modder community. With it, it is already possible to run many relatively recent games such as GTA IV, Skyrim, Far Cry 2 and many others. The emulator uses a Wine which is a compatibility layer between Windows and Linux system. With this layer it is possible for the Android system to translate instructions for PC processors to the ARM processors of smartphones. A great gambiarra, but in the end, it is impressive for its versatility.

    More about ExaGear:

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