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    See a Windows 10 tablet running Battlefield 4

    A lot of people make fun of game releases to Windows Phone, but with the merger between PC and Mobile that Microsoft is carrying out, these people will bite their tongue. A proof of what is to come can be seen in the videos below where the Teclast X98 tablet runs PC games with impressive fluidity.

    where to buy Teclast X98?

    On the channel, there are several videos posted testing games in 4K resolution. Only later did the youtuber realize that it was possible to reduce the resolution to gain much better performance in games.

    tablet settings

    • CPU: Intel X5 – Z8500 Quad Core 2.24GHz It has a better performance, sixty percent reduction in power consumption and nearly half package areas than the 32-bit processor, offering plenty of power for multitasking and powering casual games and movies.
    • GPU: GRAFIS Intel HD Gen8 processor It's better and faster in gaming and watching videos than the previous generation.
    • RAM + ROM: 4GB + 64GB It offers ultra-fast online surfing, video playback and enhanced 3D gaming experience with DDR3 memory that makes all applications faster. Whether it's needed to work, study or play this tablet will suit your needs and 64GB built-in memory slot for all your apps and media.
    • 9,7 inch screen: 2048 x 1536 QXGA IPS screen offers good experiences for watching videos and browsing the web.
    • Windows 10 + Android 5.0: Running in dual-boot, the tablet switches between the two systems easily
    • Battery: 8000mAh: Relying on the Intel OS power management system, Onda V919 can multimanage the current, power and temperature and increase performance dynamically.
    • Bluetooth 4.0
    • OTG function: it is possible to connect with keyboard, mouse, joystick and other peripherals via USB
    • HDMI output: You can use an HDMI cable to connect the tablet to TV and projectors
    • Two Cameras: 5.0MPX rear camera with auto focus makes HD video recording and video calling more clear and vivid. And you will be surprised with 2.0MP front camera for selfies(!).

    Certainly the battery should go to hell in a short time and playing without a joystick would be out of the question. But remember to factor lighter PC games into the equation. So, finally, Microsoft presents a strong competitor, not just for Android and iOS, but for desktop consoles as well.

    I am seriously tempted to buy this tablet. It is currently sold on GearBest, one of the best quality Chinese goods stores. The price is US$ 241 dollars and in reais it is around R$ 870, much cheaper than an iPad, however, it is good to save some extra money in case it is taxed at customs

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