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    Sara is Missing: horror game where you find a lost cell phone

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    Sara is missing is a horror game where you find the cell of a girl, and from there, tries to find out what happened to her. Available for free to Android e iOS, in this game, you do not control any character. In Sara is Missing, you literally have Sara's cell phone in your hands.

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    It works like this: when you open the game, the entire game interface reproduces the screen of a cell phone. Everything is very similar to the iPhone interface. The player must unlock the screen and do the “recovery” of the device. When you turn your phone back on, a personal assistant appears and starts asking you some questions. It's called IRIS (a clear allusion to iOS's SIRI).

    For design reasons and ease of game design, you answer and ask IRIS questions using options in a menu. After discovering that you are not Sara, the virtual assistant tries to retrieve the apps from the phone and we find that Sara is in trouble.


    – No nudes, but with a macabre story to tell

    The game really starts when apps and some data, messages, photos and videos that were on the phone are recovered. It is then up to the player to search the smartphone in search of clues. When you find something suspicious just touch the screen and keep your finger on it for IRIS to investigate.

    In addition to strange videos with Sara's self cam, the cell phone has some defects, as if I was possessed. Despite the investigative tone, the game takes on a horror footprint, with some elements that are very reminiscent of the movie "The Ring".

    – Short but intense

    The entire Sara is Missing experience lasts less than an hour. But the immersion is such that it won't be difficult for you to touch the menu/home key on your cell phone and forget that this makes the game pause.

    The interface of Sara is Missing is all in English, something that can be a hindrance for those who don't speak the language. There is a lot of investigation through text messages, which Sara has sent to her colleagues, friends and mother. You have to read everything to get clues about what happened. The game is completely Offline.

    – amazing idea

    Sara is Missing is as incredible an idea as films like the Blair Witch Project. It's that perfect narrative about the platform. Where the two combine and create an immersion little seen in mobile games of the genre.

    – Games in style

    There are few games in this “found footage” style. The only example that comes to my mind right now is Her story, a game for PC, Android e iOS where you browse through the police computer interface and investigate the report of a young woman who says her boyfriend is missing.

    Link to Download Sara is Missing on Android

    Link to Download Sara is Missing for iPhone

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