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    Saint Seiya Awakening: Tips for UPAR FAST

    Really useful tips to evolve fast in Saint Seiya Knights of the Zodiac Awakening. Learn the best way to take advantage of your stamina and your time to level up effectively.

    I'm not going to give you silly tips like “upgrade your knights”, as everyone knows this is essential. I'm not going to comment on the best knights to level up either, as we've already done an article about it here.

    The tips in this article are to make the best use of Vigor (that energy meter), using a “free to play” account (without spending a penny). Saving time, that's the goal here isn't it? Level Up Fast.

    How to level up objectively and quickly in Saint Seiya Awakening (Photo: Reproduction)

    1. Decide what you want to focus on

    It's easy to get lost in Saint Seiya Knights of the Zodiac. The home screen is full of content and there is a plethora of things to do.

    But here's a quick tip with the main places with activity to level up quickly.

    It all depends on what you really want to do.

    Want to level up your account? The best way to do this is to play the story mode or farm in the "Epic Runes" dungeons.

    Epic Ruans Dungeon only farms XP.


    Want to level up the seventh sense of knights? Go to the “Dimension” dungeons.

    Dungeon is ideal for farming items for the 7th sense. (Photo: Reproduction).


    Want to refine the divine cosmos (from level 21)? Go to the "Titans" dungeons.

    The ultimate dungeon for anyone who wants to level up their knight to the maximum level. Come here only if you already have 7th Sense and want items for the divine cosmos. (Photo: Reproduction).

    All these options are available in the “Campaign” button.


    2. Assemble a team to play in automatic mode

    The best way to evolve quickly will always be assembling a team to “farm”. As much as you don't like character A or B, it's important to assemble a team that plays well automatically.

    The best teams always have on their team a Kiki, Luna, a DPS to play two turns in a row (thanks to Luna's skill) and support characters like Marin and maybe one more buffer or Tanker (June, Nachi, Daidalos, etc).

    Test and until you get a setup that works well playing alone and requires minimal interaction.

    When playing in automatic mode, you can set some things that the game learns from you. For example, in my case I always set Luna's prayer to my DPS as Aldebaran.

    Don't focus too much on character with AoE (Area Damage) on auto. Unless you have a really powerful AoE char like Saga or Aiolia.

    3. Don't forget about story mode.

    Story mode yields a lot of XP, plus there are missions that don't require stamina (energy). Photo: Reproduction.

    Story mode is the main way to earn XP and Gold. Both are essential to improve the character. Even to level up the seventh sense, you can make some bargains with gold when there aren't enough materials.

    Side stories don't require stamina and yield a lot of xp. These adventures are great

    4. Make group hosting

    Fast hosting is fine, but the best method is to create a high-ranked room to earn rewards and XP faster.

    In Dimensions, Ruins, and Titans dungeons, group farming is essential.

    If you don't have a clan, you can tap on “Quick Join”. In “Group Hosting”, you can farm higher floors without worry. Also, Stamina usage is lower.

    Because? When farming as a group, you get 20% additional rewards.

    5. Make Cerberus

    In Epic Ruins Dungeons, after stamina runs out, you can buy 60 more stamina and face Cerberus. It's really worth making this trade to earn up to 200k exp in just one round.

    Cerberus will spawn after you use that stamina purchase. It is on the upper left side of the screen.

    6. “Diary” Quests

    These treasure events yield a lot of stamina and are free. (Photo: Reproduction).

    When the stamina runs out, go to the daily quests under “Diary”. The events present there require no vigor. In the case of the Grandmaster's Treasure it does is give you stamina to use it.

    7. Use Diamantes para Upar

    The Epic Runes booster is the secret tip to quickly leveling up your account. Buy when you have a lot of stamina built up. That's 25 boosts, 1 per round in the dungeon.

    Use the diamonds you get for free in the game.

    8. Avoid spending double XP on Rebirth

    There's nothing better than leveling up your knights to make them 4 or 5 stars, right? But did you know that you may be spending xp for nothing?

    Development books spend half the XP to level up and can be sacrificed to resurrect that S knight you love so much. So use the shards to craft more of these books and evolve without spending a lot of xp.


    9. Smoke like a “pro” streamer at Saint Seiya

    There are many streamers and Youtube channels with players with a very high knowledge of the game mechanics. Track who is playing the game daily to get important tips.

    A good channel to follow is the streamer Sonecarox who plays both the Spanish and Asian versions of the game, and is always up to date with the latest news.


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