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    Ryuko: new offline action game for Android enters pre-registration

    The action game Ryuko – Legend of Shadow Hunter by Horizon Games has recently entered pre-registration on Android. Set in medieval Japan, this game brings elements that remind us of classic 3D action games with Tenchu.

    But yes, I know you've thought of another PlayStation 4 game, but let's lower expectations here. Think of Ryuko as a Tenchu ​​for mobile.

    Ryuko's story takes place in an ancient land called Kurome, a beautiful and peaceful place where the shadow ninja lived. Once an evil spell was cast all over Kurome, turning all humans into demons, including the shadow ninjas, who began to spread this spell even further, causing innocent lives to be lost.

    Now, a brave and fearless warrior named Shadow Hunter, tries to end the evil of the lands and rescue her grandfather from Kurome, eliminating all evil that she sees ahead.

    Ryuko – Legend of Shadow Hunter mixes stealth and action with a little bit of open world (but very little). The game gives you the option to use three types of swords: Katana, Dual Katana and Great Katana.

    Combat is the strong point of the game, and together with the mobility and exploration of the world, it becomes a very attractive game. The player can achieve different types of skills to face the most different types of enemies and exterminate demons. Check out a trailer for Ryuko – Legend of Shadow Hunter:

    Yes, I know you remembered Ghost of Tsushima.

    The game is offline and so far we have not been able to find out if Ryuko will be paid or free, but since it will have in-app purchases, there are many chances that the game will be free to install and play.

    The game's developer also specifies the minimum requirements to run on Android devices. Among them are a processor of at least 2.0 GHz, a GPU of 1024 MB and a minimum of 3GB of RAM.

    The game has not yet had a release date, but it is possible that it will be until the end of 2021 and as it is already on pre-order, it may be arriving soon. You can pre-register on both Google Play and TapTap.

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