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    Rumor: New information about the next iPhone

    The AppleiPhoneApps website (a relatively reliable source) released some information that so far are considered only rumors, but are at risk of being true, such as the device's release date, which would be on July 17, 2009, and the specifications of the new model, which we can check below:

    – 32GB and 16GB of storage capacity

    – US$199 and US$299 as prices for the US market (user must subscribe to a local phone plan)

    – 3.2 megapixel camera

    – Video recording and editing capability

    – Sending images and videos via MMS

    – Absence of the metal line surrounding the device

    – OLED fabric

    – 1.5X longer battery life

    – Double RAM and processor capacity

    - FM radio

    – Apple logo that will be illuminated on the back of the phone – Rubberized back

    - Compass

    – Revolutionary combination of camera, compass, GPS and Google maps to identify photos and determine their location

    – GPS navigation

    Send your opinion about these alleged specifications of the new iPhone!!! Does it beat competitors Palm Pre and Nokia N97?

    Via iTouch BR.

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