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    Ruby: The Wayward Mira is a “Metroidvania” Coming in 2019

    Crescent Moon Games is developing a new game in the best “Metroidvania” style. Ruby: The Wayward Mira arrives only in 2019, but promises to delight retrogame fans with a very beautiful 2D pixel art. The game is planned for Android and iOS.

    Ruby is described as “a 2D metroidvania fantasy platformer with settings and inspiration taken from particle physics and the Large Hadron Collider located at CERN.” Here is a brief synopsis of Ruby's story followed by a few screenshots:

    “Casimir is a dying planet. The native inhabitants, the 'Mira', extracted mana from the world's ley lines to support their civilization, leading to the collapse of the ecosystem that supports all life on the planet. During the earth's decline, a young Mira was born without the ability to use mana, Ruby.

    An otherwise fatal condition, Ruby had two implants installed in the backs of her palms to regulate her mana flow, allowing her to survive amidst increasing decay.

    Years passed and the population dwindled as Mira frantically searched for whatever scraps of mana they could find... when Ruby and some of her kin found themselves suddenly transported to a lush and strange land on Earth. "



    The trailer, honestly, didn't really excite me. But this impression must be because of the editing style, which is not exciting at all. This trailer is very old, and does not match the latest version of the game.

    Ruby: The Wayward Mira has been in development for some time. The developers are working together with the community to create a game that exceeds expectations.

    There is a demo version available for Windows on the producer's website. You can even buy a paid PC version for US$9,99.

    It was not specified whether the mobile version will be free or paid. We'll find out when it launches in 2019.

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