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    RPG Maker Unite will bring easy support to Android

    Gotcha Gotcha Games has detailed with new information what the export tool for the new version of RPG Maker Unite will look like. Through it, it will be possible to easily export RPG Maker games for Android and even for web browsers.

    Although exporting to smartphone systems like Android and iOS is possible since RPG Maker MV, the process of the new version is much faster and automatic, and can be done with just the click of a button.

    The feat was achieved thanks to the new engine that is none other than Unity.

    As everyone knows, Unity is highly optimized for the mobile platform, in addition to having a wide compatibility even with very old smartphones. With this, games made or ported in RPG Maker Unite will perform much better, without the need for time-consuming debug processes.

    RPG Maker Unite officially supports five different platforms: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS and WebGL! Also, it can export projects to consoles like PS4 and PS5.

    Note that builds for other environments depend on the Unity editor environment each user has access to, as well as the status of the contract the user has with different hardware manufacturers.

    For more information, check the Q&A in the Development Log #7!

    ■ Development Record #7 and Fan Q&A

    Using the resources we've presented so far, Development Log #7 will show an example workflow from start to finish of game production!

    Don't worry if this seems difficult at first! Let's dig deeper to show you other new additions that will make things simpler in the future!


    Will it be the end of the Joi Player?

    RPG Maker PC version games that don't work on Android can still be played via a little trick. Through a roleplay call called Joi Player.

    While RPG Maker Unite makes it easy to adapt games to mobile devices, not all games will be made that way. In light of this, Joi Play remains a crucial component for enjoying these games on mobile.

    However, game creators who have old versions of RPG Maker, will be able to easily port them to the Unite version and then to Android.

    If you don't know JoiPlayer, it's on Google Play.

    RPG Maker Unite will be released on PC via Steam and the Unity Asset Store later in 2022.



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