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    Rome: Total War will also be released on Android

    Feral Interactive announced that the port of Rome: Total War will also come to Android. The game had already been released for iPad in 2016 and arrived on iPhone in 2018.

    Rome: Total War is a massive strategy game. The title on iOS and Android is the same as on PC, a direct conversion of the game originally released in 2004.

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    Very well received by critics and audiences, Rome: Total War, as well as Civilization 6, are “root” strategy games, which arrived on mobile phones and tablets. Games with a lot of content, especially offline.

    The player assumes the role of leader of one of the three Roman Houses: Julii, the Brutii and the Scipii. Gameplay consists of a combination of turn-based strategy on a campaign map and real-time battles on a battle map with 3D graphics.

    Unlike most real-time strategy games, Rome: Total War each unit is made up of groups of up to dozen men. Combat is massive with hundreds of characters fighting at the same time.

    Some missions in Rome: Total War are very demanding on the player. There are wars that are fought on several fronts, and troops have to be managed from one side to the other. The player can also build boats to transport units and fight enemy fleets in distant countries.

    As with iOS, Rome: Total War should arrive as a paid game on Android.

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