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    Review: Marvel Contest of Champions (Android and iOS)

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    Carlos Laforet Coll
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    Marvel Contest of Champions is a casual fighting game with versions for Android e iOS (click the links to download). O free game brings several Marvel characters in a galactic tournament, inspired by a series of comics released in the 80's. Contest of Champions brings simple gameplay, top-notch graphics and lots of action on mobile or tablet.

    In Contest of Champions, two ancient beings from the universe manage to manipulate Earth's heroes into holding a tournament. They give life to the Collector, who is in charge of organizing the event. While battling their friends, Captain America and the other Avengers investigate what is changing the heroes' minds and making them fight.

    Kabam surprises with a game whose look resembles console games like Street Fighter 4.

    Contest of Champions has as its main highlight, obviously, the large number of characters from the Marvel comics universe: Captain America, Wolverine, Hulk, She-Hulk, Iron Man, Storm, Sasquatch, Daredevil, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Star-Lord, the list is endless.

    Equally impressive is the game's visual treatment. Graphically, Contest of Champions is very reminiscent of fighting games like Street Fighter 4, with 2D gameplay and 3D graphics. But in terms of gameplay, Contest of Champions is radically simple.

    The commands consist of simple actions of sliding your finger on each side of the screen to attack and dodge respectively. In addition, the player has a special move. At first, your champions will only have basic attacks, but as you fight and they evolve, new moves and combos will emerge. Even the special attack, which is activated by the bar at the bottom of the screen.

    This simple combat mechanic allows Contest of Champions to have an online VS mode that really works, without lags or crashes. But due to that same mechanic, don't expect too elaborate fights, at least not now, when all players are with champions at the lowest levels of their evolutions.

    VS Online Mode is one of the highlights of the new fighting game for Android and iOS.

    The campaign mode consists of a long adventure crossing asteroids and facing Marvel characters. True to the comics, the mode presents the story in a very straightforward way, without any rambling. The best thing is that it leaves some “hooks”, which will only be explained later.

    But it is precisely in terms of heroes that the Freemium factor of Contest of Champions appears. To get new heroes you have to fight hard and constantly acquire crystals that house characters. Each crystal only offers one chance to win a random hero. So, even paying, unlocking all the heroes will be almost impossible. So, settle for the heroes you have, as it's better to upgrade them than to acquire a character you don't like.

    - Conclusion

    Produced by Kabam, Marvel Contest of Champions is an impressive game on mobile or tablet. A beautiful example of how to adapt the comic book universe into a fighting game with simple gameplay. Although it has repetitive gameplay, the game manages to have more variation than its competitors from DC, such as Batman Arkham Origins and Injustice. The online multiplayer mode is the highlight, and what will guarantee the “replay” factor of the game, something essential for a fighting game.


    • Incredible graphics even on mid-range devices
    • easy to play
    • all in spanish
    • Modo VS Online


    • Hero purchase system
    • power limiters
    • Requires constant internet connection
    Note 7/10



    Platform: Android 4.0 or higher and iOS 4.3 or higher

    Size: 290 MB

    Language: Spanish


    [originally published December 13, 2014]

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