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    Review: iPod Touch 5 – a “mini iPad 2 mini”

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    The iPad mini hasn't been announced “yet,” but if you're looking for a way to enter the world of iOS, a great device is the iPod Touch. Recently announced, the iPod Touch 5 (5th Generation) is the ideal device to get to know this wonderful system. The Apple Music and Game Player is the ideal gift for children and young people who have WiFi connection in various places such as at home and at school.

    Apple insists that the iPod Touch is a gaming platform (Photo: The Verge)

    In fact, Apple itself knows this and both in its launch and in advertising, Apple makes a point of focusing on the young audience. At its launch, the company reported that the iOS platform already has 175 applications for games and entertainment. Even getting to sting the competition, aka Sony and Nintendo.

    In its fifth version, the iPod Touch has a processor and memory very similar to the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. Its camera is also very good, excellent for photos and videos in FullHD. Let's make a list with the main advantages and disadvantages of the device.

    iPod Touch 5 is a mix of features from the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPad 2 (Photo: The Verge)


    • Affordable price
    • Camera with great features
    • Effective processor capable of running many games without lag
    • LED Flash for night photos
    • Screen size and resolution match that of the iPhone 5
    • Handle to hold device
    • 512MB of RAM


    • no connection 3
    • Still smooth as okra

    For those who already have a cell phone, I bet everyone already has one, the iPod Touch is an interesting option to enjoy the best of current iPhone games. great processor A5, probably with 1GHZ.

    RAM memory has also been increased. going from a measly 256MB to 512MB. A fact that needs to be said is that with only WiFi, the processor and RAM of the iPod Touch and also of the iPad WiFi, there are much less things to process and some things that would consume memory such as 3G and telephone services, are disabled, making the system higher overall.

    In the field of usability, an interesting update was the addition of a handle, very welcome. The iPod Touch has always been a very smooth device and it was scary to use it without a case, especially for taking pictures in windows or parks.

    A good solution to avoid scares when leaving home with the iPod Touch (Photo: The Verge)

    Undoubtedly an excellent device for a comrade price. In the US, the iPod Touch 5 starts at just $299 in the 32GB version. But in both the American and Spanish stores, Apple uses a dirty little trick to deceive consumers. Some links advertise the device costing BRL 799, but this is not the correct value, the 32GB national version does not go for less than BRL 1199.

    “Can that Arnold?” (Photo: Reproduction)

    In this way, it may be more interesting for the consumer to invest a little more and buy a 16GB iPad with WiFi or even the iPhone 4S.


    An interesting trick that a lot of people did with the iPod Touch was to turn it into an iPhone with the case Peel 520. This case brought a 3G connection to the iPod Touch 4 and could even make and receive calls.

    However, it is not yet known whether the Exquis company will release a version of its case for the iPod Touch 5.

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