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    Review: Haylou GT7 Neo impresses with game mode and quality sound

    O Haylou GT7 Neo It is a compact and quite complete headphone. Ideal for games, the phone has a low latency mode that really impresses.

    Finding a good mobile gaming headset that is compact and can keep up with you all day can be a complex task. The amount of headphones on the market is immense and you need to choose one that has low latency.

    Haylou GT7 Neo has a headphone design similar to the AirPods Pro 2, but a much lower price (Photo: Mobile Gamer).

    When I received the Haylou GT7 Neo, I was already expecting a headset that would be good for music and podcasts, but could disappoint in games, like the Sylab 101. That's not what happened.


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    Haylou GT7 Neo specs

    • Weight: 3.9 g
    • Bluetooth: 5.2
    • Battery: 35 mah + 310 mAh
    • Charging: magnetic in the case
    • Driver de 12mm
    • Internal Storage: No
    • Latency in game mode is only 0.065s (65ms)
    • AI neural network call noise reduction algorithm
    • IPX4 water protection (splash and rain)

    What's in the box?

    • Haylou GT7 Neo
    • charging cable
    • Instruction manual
    • Quick action instruction card
    • Four of extra erasers
    Haylou GT7 Neo comes very well accommodated in a box that comes with the earphone, case, cable and extra rubbers. (Photo: Mobile Gamer).

    In-ear and earphone at the same time

    As you may know, I'm not a big fan of in-ear headphones. I have an ear problem that does not allow me to use headphones of this type for many hours.

    But interestingly, the Haylou GT7 Neo is a headphone that feels both in-ear and in-ear at the same time. Let me explain: it has a format that allows you to use it just "fitted" in the ear, without having to force the rubbers against the ear canal to make the "seal" and get more bass.

    However, whoever wants to do this “sealing”, just force a little and he gives that enriched in the bass. But I already advance that you don't need to force the headphones against your ear too much to have a gain in bass.

    In short: an ideal headphone for those with a small ear canal.

    The sound quality is very pleasing, the phone uses the AAC Advanced Codec. Clear audio, prominent bass (when you fit it in your ear) and crystal clear highs.

    I'm no headphone expert, but my foundation for sound quality is the PlayStation 5 headphone jack, which is a 7.1 jack.

    About the volume, you will hardly be able to listen to music at maximum volume for a long time, because it is brutally loud. However, I didn't find it that high in game mode.

    Haylou GT7 Neo headset (Photo: Mobile Gamer).

    Ideal phone to play! almost zero delay

    Now let's talk about the main feature that made me like Haylou GT7 Neo. The low latency mode.

    Called “game mode”, this mode allows you to lower latency even further. It's even more impressive than the game mode on the HONOR Choice Earbuds-X, another headset we've recently tested.

    According to the manual, the mode is activated by double tapping the left earphone. But with me, it is activated just by tapping three times. A little noise will confirm that the mode is active.

    The delay is so small you'll forget it even exists. This is due to the use of Bluetooth version 5.2.

    Haylou GT7 Neo headset (Photo: Mobile Gamer).

    Long battery life

    According to Haylou, the GT7 Neo has a long battery life that can last up to six and a half hours without needing a recharge.

    The case that comes with the product can extend this time to up to 22 hours. The case can fully charge the earphones up to three times.

    With game mode activated, this time will be reduced to four and a half hours. This is due to the fact that this way consumes a little more battery.

    To fully charge the case's battery, it takes an hour and a half.



    To connect the headphones for the first time, you need to have the right headphones in the case and wait for the LED to flash. By enabling the smartphone's bluetooth, it will appear among the pairable devices.

    Once paired, just open the case and the phone automatically connects.


    What I liked most

    As a long-time user of the Syllable s101 headset, I expected a not-so-comfortable headset. But Haylou GT7 Neo is very comfortable compared to Syllable.

    Another advantage is when exercising outdoors. It is possible to leave the headset a little further out of the ear, so you can also hear the sounds around you. Even running, the phone does not fall.

    Noise cancellation is very good. When playing PUBG Mobile, for example, fellow Squad members said that they hear very little of a fan directed at me (I just play so I don't sweat my hands or heat up my smartphone).


    what i didn't like

    Anything! If I was going to ask for something, I wanted a case that appears to have more resistance.

    The case also does not have LEDs indicating that the headphones are charging. The led only lights up indicating low battery or, when the case is connected to a USB port, it flashes indicating that it is charging.

    TIP: By the way, a very important tip here not only for this headset, but for controls, smartbands and other small devices. Never charge them using your smartphone's turbo charger. Always charge these smaller devices in a computer, TV or notebook USB port. If using a smartphone charger, make sure it is not turbocharged.



    For the price offered, the Haylou GT7 Neo delivers a lot of features. The main and most important is the game mode, which really makes a big difference in games. With this headphone the lag is imperceptible.

    The sound quality is also very pleasant. The shape of the headset allows you to adjust for various situations without looking like it will "fall out of your ear". For example, you can leave it not so docked, so you can hear external sounds when doing physical activities, or leave it well docked for total immersion in games and music.


    • 👉 Cheapest Haylou GT7 Neo, only R$100


    About Haylou

    Haylou, a Xiaomi ecosystem company, a driver of healthy growth, is committed to establishing a digital health ecology, integrating the “user-device-data” scenario through technological innovation.

    The brand's slogan is "Power in Self". Upholding the values ​​of “empowerment and awakening”, Haylou aims to inspire users to challenge themselves, explore their potential, unleash their true power and find a better self. Haylou's product portfolio ranges from wireless audio, smart wearables, IoT and other categories. And its business covers more than 100 countries and regions, serving tens of millions of users worldwide.


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