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    Review: GameSir G5 Controller for Android and iOS

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    The control Game Sir G5 is the top of the line for anyone looking for a gamepad for Android and iOS. But does this control fit all tastes? Check out our review.

    If I could put a description for this control, I would put "a control for everything, but not for everyone...".

    Hi, my name is João Batista and it's been a while since I did a review for Mobile Gamer Spain. I've already analyzed the GameSir G4S and it's time for the most evolved brother of the family: the GameSir G5.

    GameSir G5 is a premium category controller (after all, for the price) from the renowned Chinese manufacturer GameSir. This company focuses on mobile gadgets, which is one of the most expensive controls in the company. The G5 costs US$ 75 dollars (about R$ 300 reais, but it is possible to find around R$ 200).


    OPTION 1

    The high price of the controller is already discouraging, but read the review until the end, because we will detail all the functions that may or may not justify this price.

    The G5 was created at the time of the rise of Battle Royales like PUBG, Freefire and Rules of Survival – but also in conjunction with the hype of MOBA games. That's why all its design and construction are made for the target audience of both genres: MOBA and FPS.

    Spoiler : it works excellently in precisely the most popular genres on mobile: MOBA and FPS.


    Marca: GameSir
    Model: G5
    Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
    Buttons: 30
    Plataforma: Android (Android 4.4 ou posterior)
    vibration: no
    Auto-fire and Turbo Mode: Sim
    Battery: 800mAh
    Battery Life: 10 hours
    Time to Recharge: 2 to 3 hours

    Above is a bunch of bullshit that doesn't hold much relevance to most of us mere gamers, but two things stand out here.

    1. It connects to your cell phone or tablet via Bluetooth 5.0, that is, giant stability. BT 5.0 has an ultra-fast read speed, it's INSTANT! You turn on the controller and Bluetooth is already connected to the cell phone at the same time.

    2. The 800mah battery claims to have an autonomy of 10 hours, but I've already played 12 hours and the device still has 2 charging lights (which indicates between 25 to 50% battery).

    Note: as mentioned there it has no vibration, a pity. It really doesn't.

    - Design

    This is the control differential point. At first glance, you look, look again and think “okay, what am I going to do with it now”, from the images you can already see the number of buttons it has. There are more than 30 buttons, and you can use ALL of them.

    On the front we have the trackpad, as you can see, but we'll talk more about it later. The G5 has a left analog stick, which is super soft with absurd precision. The D-pad is 8 directions.

    Above the trackpad we have 4 buttons, below 4 more buttons, start button, select, button that shows the battery level, and the “mode” button that you can change from GameSir Input to Xbox Input. As its name says, for it to be recognized on PC as an Xbox One controller.

    As usual at Gamesir, we have the mobile support very well hidden, giving the device a charm. This time a little more discreet, below it we have the turbo button, and a button to turn your GameSir G5 into a mouse pointer.

    If all that buttons weren't enough, we have the traditional “shoulder” buttons at the top, and the “triggers”, which in the case of the G5 are a differential.

    The G5's triggers are mechanical buttons, not push buttons. They have 1mm of click depth, which is ideal for those who play FPS and can't waste time sinking the trigger. In the shooting game genre, accuracy is everything. In addition, we have two more extra buttons: R4 and L4. Finally, on the back, we find two more buttons: R5 and L5.

    With so many buttons, it's easy to think it won't be useful, but we'll see later. Calm.

    About the appearance, it has the “Xbox” style. This appearance ended up becoming a standard in the gaming industry, but the feel and feel of it is much more reminiscent of the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, due to its size and weight.

    I swear I tried not to compare it to GameSir's previous model, but it will be accurate. The G4s is much prettier. With backlit buttons, you know that “gamer controller” feeling?

    On the G5, this doesn't exist, it has the light in the center of the control and the ones that indicate battery, but only in blue. The G4s was backlit giving it a more premium feel.

    The G5 unfortunately doesn't give that impression. The controller is very black, with gray buttons, giving the impression of a dull, dull controller. The d-pad with its “flat” look doesn't help either. The end result is an ugly design.

    - Hardware

    Here we talk about the hardware of the G5, and that's it, standard GameSir quality, accurate, smooth and great quality analog sticks. Far superior to other brands of controls for Android phones.

    Like its brother G4s, the G5 is a controller with a focus on “lagless” that is controls with minimal delay. It has a special chip for this, which combined with Bluetooth 5.0, leaves the input lag minimal.

    In some games it is possible to configure and increase the milliseconds (MS) of the trackpad because the input lag is too low (yes, it sounds crazy to say that, but I had to increase the input lag to have a better experience).

    - Functionalities

    Here we see the features, so sit down, grab a popcorn because with 30 buttons, 1 trackpad, there is no shortage of functions in this control.

    It connects mainly via Bluetooth, its focus is smartphone, being able to use on Android and iOS, and after a software update it can also be connected on PC via Bluetooth, but let's get to the point.

    Starting with its differential and the entire focus of its marketing, THE TRACKPAD.

    Imagine that a piece of your cell phone screen came off and ended up in your control… that's the trackpad. It's the best possible definition.

    The G5's Trackpad works like a notebook trackpad, a touch-sensitive area, which in the case of the control serves to simulate the touch on the cell phone screen. It is very accurate and if CONFIGURED WELL (the Achilles heel of the controller), it has 2 primary functions: the “button mode” and the “trackpad mode”.

    And to explain the 2 modes we need to look at the control:

    Look in the trackpad area it has a dot, with a circle and the letter of the standard Xbox buttons: “ABXY”. So we can define the 2 types of trackpad function.

    – Button Mode

    The “button mode” is the first mode we are going to look at. This mode makes that area over there work like buttons. You tap the area and it identifies it as one of the pressed buttons (you know when you install an emulator without physical control and use the touch to “click” on the buttons by tapping your finger on the screen? So it's exactly the same).

    With the “button mode”, it is possible to play games of the MOBA genre with an improved level of gameplay. When activating the mode, you “press” one of the buttons and keep it pressed, and the entire area around it works as a “sight”.

    For those who play Arena of Valor (Android and iOS), for example, understand what I'm explaining. When using a spell that requires aiming, you hold the spell and use it as an analog to aim.

    The number of front buttons is huge. So it's possible to put a lot and enable almost everything in a MOBA in some control button.

    – Trackpad Mode

    The “trackpad mode”, is the way to use the trackpad as “virtual right analog”. That's the big thing about this control. This is where the magic happens.

    In this mode, the ABXY buttons are disabled. The Trackpad area is now recognized as a tactile area. Exactly covering camera control function in FPS games.

    However, and I hit that key again, everything needs to be configured well.

    Leaving the Trackpad (because it still has many extra functions, but if I were to talk only about them it would be a book “Trackpad : The Tales of a Controls Configurator”), we have the buttons that can be mapped to numerous functions. There are 8 buttons on the front, used to change weapons, pick up items, evolve skills and etc.

    Whatever you want to use as shortcuts. And all this is only possible thanks to a small “miracle” called GameSir World.

    – Connectivity

    The G5 connects to Android as a generic gamepad (HID), just like its big brother. This happens in “Button Mode”. In other words, the trackpad will work like normal buttons, just like any other Android or iOS mobile controller.

    However, from the moment I did all the configuration with the “GameSir World” app, it stopped working on the system, and it only works with this app active (I tested it on another cell phone, without this app and it works like a normal gamepad) .

    How to enable trackpad mode from GameSir World app.

    And behold, the savior of the homeland enters (again). With this large number of buttons and features, but without in-game support, the Gamesir G5 would be reduced to a mere normal controller for Android phones.

    But GameSir thought about it and made the GameSir World app. An app that completely changes the features of the G5. Turning it into something superior to conventional gamepads. The magic happens when activating the “Trackpad mode”.

    I'll leave a comment: the application GameSir World DOES NOT require Root.

    However, it needs to access areas of the Android system to map the screen, and Google, through Play Protect, can say that the app is harmful. But you can install without fear.

    After all, it makes no sense to buy the G5 without using GameSir World.

    After installing the app, it updates some pending issues and that's it, you can choose between 2 modes.

    – Track Mode via G-Engine no GameSir G5

    The first of these is the G-Engine (shown in the video above). G-Engine emulates the game by running another version of it, mapping the screen and adding controller support. It is a system very similar to the one used by the Optopus application.

    Just connect the controller, install the issues, put it to open the game via G-Engine in GameSir World, which brings up the options for mapping the screen.

    In China these screen mapping modes are very common and over there Tencent and other companies support it as they identify screen mapping. Chinese players who use these mappings are identified and placed in separate rooms in games, just like here with emulators.

    The same cannot be said of the West. So yes, you can get banned if you use G-Engine to play PUBG, Free Fire, Cyber ​​Hunter and others.

    – Track Mode via debug mode

    However, if you want something more “Try Hard”, you could use a USB adapter that GameSir sold separately. Remapper A2, and that cost a small fortune too.

    This Remapper turns the mapping mode into something native. However, as this adapter is no longer sold, you can make a small workaround.

    GameSir natively placed this Remapper directly on the GameSir G5 controller, all automatically. See how.

    For that, you first need to enable the phone's USB debug mode and connect the controller to the phone via cable so that the phone identifies that the controller is a secure device and lets you map the screen normally.

    So yes, you can play your games in the normal version, use your Google Play account and everything else. This process of connecting the cable is only for activating the controller to the debug system, once connected, you can take the cable out and play via Bluetooth.

    The process of connecting the cable needs to be done every time you turn off the cell phone completely, that is, if you never turn it off, you will never need the cable again.

    And having these 2 connection methods as information, the rest comes down to opening the game and configuring. You can use settings shared by other players, create your own, modify existing ones, a multitude of possibilities that just depends on your style of play.

    Apart from all that has been mentioned, the GameSir G5 works as a Powerbank and as a Dockstation. In the grips, where we hold the control, there is a removable area. In it, you will connect the cable to activate debug mode, and you can also connect a wireless mouse for example, a HUD and connect a keyboard and mouse as well.

    It is possible to turn the GameSir G5 into an X1 BattleDock.

    - Final considerations

    After all this you must be thinking “fuck is this the f*cking controller of the galaxies, the master power controller gaming ever”? The answer is no!

    The absence of physical buttons for ABXY makes it a not so good control for emulators, for example. You miss the buttons, can you break a branch? Yes, but it's not the same thing as a G4s.

    This could all have been fixed with a simple design modification, placing below the Trackpad, in place of the ABXY clickable buttons. It would be something like this, you click the Trackpad like physical buttons, would solve quite a few of these problems.

    So if your focus is on playing games on emulators, the G5 may not provide that physical feedback that is needed for older games.

    Someone must probably be thinking: "Oh but its features make up for this lack of buttons for other games, I'm going to buy this controller and be a god in Free Fire". Ehh… Not too.

    The G5 is not a “plug and play” controller. It's not a controller that you plug in and play happily. You can even download someone else's configuration. But I'm already ahead, it will take hours to learn how to configure and get used to the gameplay.

    I spent hours, mind you, hours setting up the Trackpad. It took a lot of effort to figure out how it works, increase sensitivity, decrease sensitivity, adjust input lag on the trackpad, switch buttons mode to Trackpad mode. It takes a lot of work.

    And for what? In the end, I had an experience that was only slightly better than a cell phone touch screen. In other words, a lot of time and money spent to have a little better experience than before, that time I could have spent playing and improving the skills I already have on the touch screen.

    The biggest advantage is playing without touching anything on the screen. It is possible to play for hours and not feel warm, or play with the smartphone charging, with complete safety.

    Of course, all the other features are a giant upgrade, for example, my Freefire layout looks like this: left hand with the finger on the analog stick, shoulder and back buttons, which allows me to aim, activate the gel, crouch button , and walking, all without having to lift a finger. In the right hand, shoot, jump, use the crosshairs, and run, again without having to move a finger, are things that make the gameplay more "PRO", but I don't know if all this is valid for a "mobile game ”, of course there are always the most competitive guys.

    The problem is that to be really competitive, tournaments DO NOT allow control! Also, there is no guarantee that you will not get banned. Even when using trackpad mode via USB debugging.

    I myself saw a lot of reviews about the GameSir G5 before buying it, and I bought it knowing that no youtuber, website and the like, had analyzed the controller in depth.

    It was embarrassing to see youtubers saying “this is the definitive controller for this and that” and when showing the gameplay, and they dragged the entire trackpad to move a millimeter of the crosshairs, just doing sponsored advertising, as I bought mine I can give an honest opinion with every experience I'm having with him. (More G5 tutorials coming soon).

    So after all that said, pointing out positive and negative points, explaining the exaggerated need for a precise configuration, is it worth buying it??

    Yes it is, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it myself. Jokes aside, is it an expensive controller? It's a very expensive controller. Is it difficult to configure? Get complicated on it.

    But at the same time it is a controller with an absurd quality and construction, a controller, a real “PRO”, with buttons and shortcuts that make controls like Xbox and PS4 “smell”.

    Of course, the lack of a second analog, combined with the lack of physical buttons make it a terrible control for emulation. But for MOBA/FPS/Battle Royale games is that where all the focus lies is the best choice for this category. As I said above “it is a control for everything, but not for everyone”.

    So if you choose to buy, spend a little time at GameSir World, configure it, don't be afraid to go to the settings of each button and learn what it does, because in the end, you'll have a little monster in usability.


    • building
    • Chip that reduces input lag
    • Dozens of settings


    • Bad for emulation due to the lack of the right analog
    • Trackpad Mode Can Get Banned in Most Battle Royale Games (Western Versions)



    OPTION 1

    Review author: João Batista (Mobilezando Channel)

    *The controller in this review was purchased for personal use.

    Some of the images came from the GadgetExplained website.

    [Warning: All links contain reference code. When purchasing through them, Mobile Gamer Spain receives a commission from the partner stores.]


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