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    Review Controle Bluetooth íPega PG 9023

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    Carlos Laforet Coll
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    In this article, we will analyze one of the controls Bluetooth more popular than Androidthe pega PG 9023. With a design that appeals to both those with large smartphones and tablet owners, the Ípega PG 9023 is a controller with wide compatibility with Android devices.

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    • Brand: iPega
    • Model: PG-9023
    • Black color
    • Bluetooth: 3.0
    • Battery: 380mAh
    • Playing: Around 16 hours
    • Can be charged with any generic charger
    • Control Size: Approx. 23*13*6cm
    • Weight: Approx. 244g
    • Buttons: 12 front buttons
    • Top buttons: 4
    • Analog: 2
    • Digital: 1

    - Trying to please everyone

    When íPega launched the PG 9023, it seems that the goal was to please any mobile gamer, both tablet users and smartphone users. However, the design of this bluetooth controller is a bit big. The Ípega PG 9023 is nothing short of compact and certainly doesn't fit in your pocket.

    The control is best suited for tablet owners. However, holding the set suspended in the air is a bit tiring. This puts the PG 9023 in a strange category, because while it is suitable for tablets, it is a little tiring to keep “lifting” the device.

    So the best position to play with this controller is on the table or on your lap, when there is no support available. The PG 9023's grip is good and the hand arrangement during use is quite comfortable.

    – Safety when attaching the tablet to the iPega PG 9023

    The great highlight of this iPega control is that it has a retractable mechanism to couple smartphones and tablets between the set of buttons. It is suitable even for large devices. Cell phones with a screen smaller than 5 inches will have a hard time getting a good grip. The danger of falling will be real.

    The perfect companion for powerful tablets like the Nvidia Shield.

    But with a 5.5-inch smartphone, security is already evident. However, it is on tablets that the control stands out, offering a perfect fit.

    – Simplified setup

    Gone are the days when setting up an iPega controller was a headache. These days, all you need to do is press the home button, pair Bluetooth and you're done. If that doesn't work, just turn on the device by holding the X+Home keys.

    Most games with controller support already have configuration options built into the game itself. Even for completely incompatible games, it is possible to adjust the iPega PG 9023 to work.

    PG 9023 controller is great for emulators. But led direct access bothers.

    The controls respond positively, but still, as with all the old iPega controls, it is possible to feel a little lag. Almost no one comments on this small millisecond delay, but it can be annoying in some fighting games.

    In emulators, we don't even need to comment that the compatibility is total. The iPega PG 9023 works great with any emulator available on Google Play.

    Non-stick material and clip hold “smooth” smartphones.

    - Conclusion

    The iPega PG 9023 is the type of blueooth control suitable for indoor use (at home/apt). Carrying it around takes up unnecessary space in your bag. The battery lasts a long time, setup is simple and easy. The exaggerated ergonomics suggest that the control is more suitable for tablets. Which is true, it's great for those who prefer bigger screens.


    • Differentiated design
    • Docking mechanism secures tablets and large cell phones well
    • multimedia buttons
    • Easy set up


    • Unstable for small cell phones
    • Minor delays in fighting games
    • Led Search stays on during gameplay

    Control for this analysis was kindly provided by


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