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    [Review] Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (iPhone)

    The portable version of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was one of the big disappointments of 2010. In a year when great FPS titles came out, I thought the game would close the year on a high note. What a mistake. Learn why it's not good to have high expectations for Battlefield for iPhone.

    The presentation of the game is very exciting, after all, it is not every day that we have a Dice title, especially a Battlefield for iPhone. The graphics are average and despite the good textures, they look too clean, something bad for a game set in a forest.

    The game's story is more forgettable than that of Black Pegasus (Gameloft) and even if you're only interested in the shooting, this is where things really go wrong. The controls are the strangest and most inappropriate I've ever seen for a touchscreen FPS. Nothing works as it should and is not where it should be.

    I tested all possible settings. There are three types of controls in addition to the possibility of changing the speed of the "turn", otherwise not even gyroscope support was implemented. The only setting that made the game playable was C and I still have to calibrate (and train) the turn speed.

    After the trauma of the controls, we go to the firefight. Erratic and no fun, single player shootouts are spoiled by the duo: “dumb AI” and bad controls. The multiplayer mode for only 4 players and even more boring. Because if it was already difficult to shoot the immobile characters in single player mode; in multiplayer mode it becomes a game where nobody hits anybody.


    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a well-known and renowned series on desktop consoles. But on the iPhone, the series was poorly adapted. The big culprit is the controls, but with the rest of the production at a below-average level, little fun awaits you in this game.

    Grade: 5.0

    Nome: Battlefield: Bad Company 2
    Producer: DICE / EA / Digital Illusions
    Platform: iPhone OS
    Genre: FPS
    Version: 1.0.0
    Release: December 2010

    [originally published January 10, 2011]

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