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    Review: Apex Legends Mobile is the best Battle Royale today

    the dubbing of Apex Legends Mobile was a very welcome surprise for fans of mobile games.

    The mobile version of one of the most exciting Battle Royales today impresses with its quality far above average, Bluetooth controller support and stable servers.

    For those who don't know, Apex is based on the movement and engine of Titanfall, a franchise from Respawn Entertainment, which never had the success it deserved on consoles, but which knew how to find its place in the sun in the world of Battle Royale.

    This review is about the port, the conversion of the game from PC and consoles to mobile.

    How was the arrival of Apex Legends Mobile in the app stores

    Apex Legends Mobile jumped straight to the top position of the most downloaded game of the week on the Google app store (at least on Google Play in Spain).

    The long-awaited shooter has arrived with exquisite audio work. Apex Mobile is all dubbed in Spanish from Spain. A dubbing that is definitely missing in the console version.

    In addition to demonstrating that fans of the genre are thirsty for a new shooter, the milestone reached is the merit of the talented Lightspeed Studio (Lightspeed & Quantum Studios).

    What Apex Legends Mobile Offers:

    • Battle Royale-style combat for up to 60 players
    • 9 legends (characters) to choose from. Another 11 will be added later to the game.
    • The game has Spanish dubbing from Spain.
    • Support for video game controls (Xbox and PlayStation).
    • Shooting with wide range of movement.
    • New character Fade, which is exclusive to the Mobile version.

    An impressive mobile port

    Apex Legends Mobile is not a port. The game was recreated from the ground up by Lightspeed Studio with supervision from Respawn Entertainment. Yes, the same studio that made PUBG Mobile.

    By recreated, understand that each byte was compiled from scratch to run on smartphones and devices with ARM chipset.

    In its first beta tests, Apex Legends was a bit stuck and full of bugs. But the launch showed that it was all just Lightspeed Studio caution.

    Apex Legends Mobile with maximum graphic quality — Photo: Reproduction

    A work worthy of being called "witchcraft". The talent of these Tencent studios is incredible. It seems that they are competing with each other to see who brings more “miracles” on mobile.

    Tencent studios, such as Lightspeed and Timi, are responsible for the main online multiplayer games on mobile such as: Apex, PUBG, League of Legends, Call of Duty Mobile, Pokémon Unite and many others.

    Apex Legends Mobile is very well optimized and runs masterfully on mid-range and high-end smartphones. Even older phones can still run the game at 30fps.


    Fade: exclusive character

    Fade is an exclusive character in the mobile version of Apex Legends — Photo: Disclosure / EA

    Perhaps the biggest (or only) difference from the PC and console versions and the exclusive character Fade.

    Fade, also known as a Phasing Punisher, is a highly mobile fighter that increases his own movement potential while decreasing that of enemies. He is also excellent at preventing third-party situations and isolating teammates and enemies to help the former and destroy the latter.

    For now, Fade will be exclusive to Apex Legends Mobile and will not appear in the console or PC versions of Apex. There are currently no plans to bring Fade to PC and console, according to Respawn Entertainment, mainly due to its mobile-specific nature. Fade, however, was largely balanced with existing legends to prevent it from being "broken".


    – Loaded with graphical settings

    The mobile version of Apex Legends makes mobile gamers think they are playing on a PC. There are so many visual settings that anyone can get lost.

    Apex Mobile allows you to modify the field of view, adjust the amount of visual details and even activate a kind of “DLSS”, which allows the game to lower the visual quality to maintain the framerate.

    We tested Apex Legends Mobile is a POCO F3 and game behaved very well. We put the configuration to maximum and despite the smartphone getting very hot, it managed to reproduce all the look that the game presented.

    Apex Legends Mobile has several graphics scares — Photo: Reproduction

    Now Samsung S10 Lite, incredible as it may seem, even having a so-called inferior processor, the game ran even better and didn't heat up as much as in POCO F3.

    We also tested the game on an iPhone 8 Plus, an already very old device from Apple. Surprisingly, it ran Apex very well.

    But there are some tricks here.

    In conversations with other players, we noticed that in addition to the adjustments made to the settings, the game seems to create its own internal configuration.

    In other words, it will happen that you set the game to “high” visual quality and notice that there is less detail than the same setting on a high-end.

    So, even with powerful hardware, Apex Legends Mobile can look “ugly” on some phones. As the game receives updates, this may improve.

    Apex Legends Mobile with maximum graphic quality in POCO F3 — Photo: Reproduction

    Adaptation for cell phones

    The new EA game for mobile has some adjustments to be better adapted to the reality of touchscreens.

    There is the option of automatic fire, but right away, it is already evident that this is one of the worst choices that the player should make.

    Unlike Fortnite and COD Mobile, where autoshoot is very useful for newbies, this option in Apex Mobile is very nerfed.

    Don't expect to get good results using auto fire.

    The commands and buttons are very well represented on the screen and in a short time it is possible to get used to the manual shooting mode.

    As for the third-person camera. Unlike other games like PUBG and Fortnite, here I get the same impression I get when playing COD Mobile. It may be interesting for those who like it, but I found the game to be

    The number of buttons on the screen will be large, so the game is better adapted to 20:9 or 21:9 screens.

    But if you don't like to play games by touching the screen, or you have really big fingers, there's another option: playing with a video game controller.

    In the video below, you can see the game running with ExtremeHD settings on POCO F3.


    Support for Bluetooth controls

    Apex Legends Mobile supports Bluetooth controllers. However, not all controls will be accepted by the game.

    In our tests, Apex Mobile worked with Dualshock 4 (PS4) controllers and Xbox One and Series X controllers. It may also work with the PlayStation 5 controller, Dualsense.


    Arriving in the best possible way

    Apex Legends Mobile has first and third person modes — Photo: Disclosure / EA

    There's no way to complain about the arrival of Apex Legends on mobile. The EA game is in its best shape and arrives on mobile phones full of content.

    This game is without a doubt the best Battle Royale on mobile phones today. The perfect union of stunning visuals, frantic gameplay and fast-paced matches.

    There are still some adjustments to be made, especially in the Android version. In some top of the line it is possible to feel “choking” when descending on the map, and the control support could be better expanded.

    Lightspeed Studio once again raises the bar for quality in mobile games. After Apex Legends Mobile, shooting game fans will get more and more demanding.


    Note: 9 / 10


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