Rest in Pieces is a MACABRO Runner for Android and iOS

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Carlos Laforet Coll
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Rest in Pieces is an “Infinite Run” style game that has a sinister look. In the game, you control a porcelain doll, attached to a pendulum. The game is free and offline and available for Android and iOS.

Watch the game's trailer:

In Rest in Pieces, the tutorial looks easy, but that's only until we realize that the objective of the game is to defeat the strange creature above that has a Machiavellian smile.

Things start to get complicated when we discover that anything breaks the doll. Because of this, the player needs to be very careful.

The game's differential is this swing mechanics. The doll doesn't move quickly, and the player needs to take this into account when dodging obstacles.

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Developer: Itatake
Advertising: No | OFFLINE game
Contains built-in purchases: Yes
Requires Android 5.0 / iOS 9.0
Language: Spanish | Size: 80MB

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