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    Remember the 'Fast and Furious' Games for Android, iOS and Java Phones

    After the sad death of the Actor Paul Walker it seems that the production of the new "Fast and furious" will be cancelled. Even if I'm not a big fan of the franchise, it's impossible to ignore the impact of the first film on the world of video games. Shortly thereafter, Need for Speed ​​Underground was released for Playstation 2 and even though it had nothing to do with it, it was common for children to watch the movie and comment on the game and vice versa.

    But on cell phones we had several official fast and furious games. Developed by companies like I-PLAY, Gameloft, Kabam and even Firemint, these games marked an era. Remember the Fast and Furious games, which even include the actor's passages through the games. Fast and Furious surrendered seven games with versions for Java, Android and iOS mobile phones (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad).


    – Fast & the Furious (Java e BREW)

    In 2005, believe it or not, the Fast and Furious series debuted in mobile games with a game that would make history. The game was all in 3D, a novelty for the time, and right away it already had the characters Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker), Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and others in night races around the city.


    – Fast & the Furious: Fugitive (Java)

    Released in 2007, the second game in the franchise was one of the most popular among Java mobile phone owners. Fast & the Furious: Fugitive it had 3D graphics, and lots of cars to collect. It was a pretty cool game and one of the pioneers at the time in terms of graphics and textures. Today, not so much.


    – The Fast And The Furious Tokyo (Java)

    Released in the same year, the game had 2D and 3D graphics. Although, The Fast And The Furious Tokyo it was made by a different company and had worse graphics than “Fugitive”, which was released before. The 2D version had totally different gameplay, with an overhead view, being more like games like Micro Machines.


    – The Fast & The Furious Streets / Pink Slip (Java)

    Exclusively for Java 3D, The Fast & The Furious Streets was one of the best looking Java mobile racing games released in 2008. The game brought together cars from the three movies released so far. The game was also known as The Fast & The Furious Pink Slip, a version that was available on some cell phones and had even better graphics. Undoubtedly, the best 3D Fast and Furious game for Java mobile.


    – The Fast & The Furious 3D (Java)

    The game based on the fourth film in the Fast and Furious franchise was just called The Fast & The Furious 3D. I-play this time called a strong company to develop the Java version of the game. none other than Firemint (the same as Real Racing) helped in the development of the game. The game extracted everything that Java phones could offer, that is, not much.



    – The Fast & The Furious 5/ Fast & Furious 5 (Android, iOS and Java)

    Gameloft entered the race in Fast and furious 5. The first game in the series for smartphones and tablets of the new generation. The game had amazing graphics in addition to presenting a story with photos of the real actors, including Paul Walker. The game was identical on Android and iOS, but the Java version had 2D graphics.

    Download Links at Android, iOS e Java (paid game).


    – Fast & Furious 6: The Game (Android, iOS and Java)

    The games for the sixth Fast and Furious movie were handled by two companies. This time, the hitherto unknown Kabam created the game for smartphones and tablets. Despite apprehension of some gamers, the final result was very good, being a great game of drag and skidding. Gameloft was in charge of the Java version which, like the previous one, used Asphalt's 2D engine.

    Download link on Android e iOS (free) and Java (Paid out)

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