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    ReEvolve: Tencent prepares game similar to “Portal Knights”

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    ReEvolve is a new MMORPG from Tencent that is in closed testing in China. The game uses the “Sandbox” style of scenarios from Portal Knights (which is also available for mobile) to offer a fun and varied gameplay.

    ReEvolve is being developed through a partnership between Tencent and Perfect World Entertainment

    The player creates a character that travels through portals to different scenarios. In addition to exploring different worlds and places, the game has climate changes and a day and night cycle.

    In ReEvolve, we can expect that complete package of MMORPG games. Varied classes, mounts, etc. However, one of the elements that differentiate the game is the construction system. It will be possible to set up strongholds with friends and face guild PvP battles against other players.

    ReEvolve doesn't have a release date set yet. The game has already been in testing for the past year, and it looks like it will be released very soon. However, there is no information about a western version.

    What do you think? Will a version of this “Portal Knights by Tencent be cool?” Leave a comment.

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