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    Radiation Island and more: see Android games on sale

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    This first week of July is full of promotions must-see in Android. Some of the games are coming out for free. In the highlight we have radiation island, only the BEST SURVIVAL GAME on Android. The other highlight is The Amazin Spider-man, an old Gameloft game that is on sale for just R$0,40 cents.

    Notice: Take advantage of the promotions as soon as possible, because there's no way I can check until when the games will be on sale, because I always get them all as soon as they appear. It is also worth remembering that all games are offline and 100% ad-free.


    Check out the games on sale:

    • Radiation Island (de R$ 9,49 por R$ 4,09)
    • Hero Siege: Pocket Edition (from R$35,99 to R$7,49)
    • The Room Three (de R$ 13,99 por R$ 6,99)
    • The Room Two (de R$ 6,99 por R$ 3,29)
    • The Amazing Spider-Man (de R$ 6,99 por R$ 0,40)
    • Crimsonland (from R$34,99 to R$9,99)
    • Trouserheart (de R$ 10,99 por R$ 3,39)
    • Sparkle 2 (from R$27,99 to R$6,99)
    • XCOM庐: Enemy Within (de R$ 30,99 por R$ 9,99)
    • Civilization Revolution 2 (de R$ 30,99 por R$ 9,99)
    • WWE 2K (from R$30,99 to R$9,99)
    • NBA 2K17 (from R$30,99 to R$9,99)
    • Party Hard Go (de R$ 6,49 por R$ 3,29)
    • Smashing The Battle (de R$ 14,99 por R$ 2,89)
    • Construction Simulator 2 (de R$ 13,99 por R$ 6,49)
    • Star WarsTM: KOTOR (from R$30,99 to R$9,99)
    • Lara Croft GO (from R$4,09 to R$2,09)
    • Hitman Sniper (de R$ 4,09 por R$ 2,09)
    • FINAL FANTASY TACTICS : WotL (de R$ 38,99 por R$ 19,99)
    • Punch Club (from R$15,99 to R$3,29)
    • Don鈥檛 Starve: Pocket Edition (de R$ 15,99 por R$ 3,29)
    • Call of Duty:Black Ops Zombies (de R$ 24,99 por R$ 6,49)
    • Adventures of Mana (from $40,99 to $24,99)

    Check out the paid games that are free right now:

    • NesBoy! Pro - Emulator for NES
    • Reed
    • Fortress: Destroyer
    • AceSpeeder3
    • Help Me Jack: Save the Dogs



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