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    PUBG New State has a complicated launch

    PUBG New State was released on the 11th. With versions for Android and iOS, the new Battle Royale had a difficult launch day, with several unscheduled maintenance, unfair bans and mixed reception from the public.

    Krafton, the game's producer, had to make several apologies throughout the launch.


    launch problems

    Those who tried to play PUBG New State on the day of its release were met with several interruptions. In addition to the servers having delayed their activation, something that was later commented on by Krafton on social networks, the company had to make several posts to warn about non-programmed maintenance.

    There were at least three interruptions throughout the 11th, the biggest of which, at least here in Spain, made the game available to play only at night.

    PUBG New State spent much of the 11th off the air (Photo: Reproduction / Twiiter).

    It is worth remembering that this type of problem is common when launching games that are in high demand. But, as you'll see throughout this article, there were other problems as well.

    Non-iOS performance issues

    PUBG New State had performance issues on iOS. Yes, on iPhone and iPad.

    Devices that were once synonymous with stability and fluidity didn't get off to a good start in PUBG New State.

    iOS players report problems in PUBG New State (Photo: Playback / PUBG New State BR Group on Facebook).

    The most affected versions were iPhone older than 7 Plus, iPad Air and iPad Pro. These devices are suffering from Stuttering (choking) that made the FPS drop to 15 FPS at times. This happens even when playing with graphics on the lowest setting.

    public perception

    Apparently, it will take some time for players to understand what PUBG New State is really about.

    This is due to the fact that many influencers prefer to play in Erangel, which is a familiar map for everyone.

    However, this preference is causing the perception of “more of the same” or “it's almost the same thing” in players.

    Fortunately, this is a momentary thing, as over time players will notice differences in gameplay and new mechanics such as drone use and mechanics of reviving an ally.

    random bans

    Many players are getting random bans in the game.

    It is worth remembering that PUBG New State is a game with a lot, but a lot of concern with its anti-hack and anti-cheats system.

    Because of this, the game is getting "false alarm" and making it impossible for players to enjoy the game.

    How to solve error that prevents the game from starting

    White screen error message: “You have disconnected from the game due to detection of abnormal behavior…”.

    In case you got an error message with the above screen. Remember to disable “developer mode” and also disable “USB debugging”.

    Even enabling your smartphone's USB debugging will result in you being unable to play. And activating it during a match can result in an immediate ban.

    PUBG New State also detects cheating tools that alter games and apps. So if you use apps like Lucky Patcher or any other game modifier, you can get banned for no reason. The tool doesn't even need to be active, just have traces of it on your smartphone or tablet that already resulted in banishment. Having Root on the cell phone can also be a reason for ban.

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