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    PUBG New State: alpha test download will open tomorrow (10)

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    PUBG New State will start its alpha test tomorrow June 10th. The new Battle Royale for Android and iOS will Select players are already receiving the link to download the game.

    PUBG New State is the new game from KRAFTON that will be released for Android and iOS in 2021. The alpha test starts tomorrow and the beta of the game will be in the month of July.

    The alpha test will be very short, it will run from the 11th of June to the 13th.

    More information about alpha testing:

    Application Date: May 21st to June 6th

    Results: June 9

    Pre-download: June 9th to June 11th

    Alpha Test: June 11th to June 13th

    Test region: United States

    Platform: Android

    Minimum requirements: Android 6.0 or higher, device with 2,5GB RAM or higher

    In case you are interested in the game, but missed the registration period. You will most likely be able to play by downloading the APK, and using a VPN pointed to the United States.

    Official site


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