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    PUBG Mobile will be (re)launched in India under another name

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    Renamed as Battlegrounds Mobile, PUBG Mobile get ready to return to Indian territory. The game was banned in India in 2020 and this resulted in a huge growth of several competitors there (such as Free Fire). India is one of the main markets for PUBG Mobile and where its biggest audience comes from, after China.

    Krafton will begin pre-registration for this game on May 18th.

    Why is this announcement important for us Spaniards? Anyone who plays PUBG Mobile must have noticed an exponential increase in Indian players on Spanish servers.

    Battlegrounds Mobile will essentially be the same as PUBG Mobile, but licensed and published by Krafton and without any influence from Tencent Games. That's what most of the media says, but this new game could very well be PUBG New State, the new PUBG game designed by Krafton to be 100% uninfluenced by Chinese studios.

    There is still not much information about the game and we don't even know if it will be a "revamp" of the old PUBG Mobile or Krafton will soon choose to use the engine of the new game. All we know is that the Battle Royales competition is still going strong in 2021 and with no signs of showing fatigue.

    New Delhi, May 14, 2021 – Krafton, the leading South Korean video game developer, today announced the date for BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA pre-registrations. Developed by Krafton, the long-awaited pre-registrations for the game will go live on May 18th.

    There will be specific rewards available for fans to claim, only if they pre-register the game. These rewards would be specific to Indian players only.

    To pre-register for BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, visit the Google Play Store and click the “Pre-Register” button, and your rewards will automatically be available for redemption at game launch.

    Krafton's new game will be released as a free to play experience on mobile devices. We urge players to stay tuned, masked and protected, for additional details on pre-registration rewards. BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA will be exclusively available to play in India only.

    For more information about the game, stay up to date on the news and vital security safeguards in place.


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