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    PUBG Mobile: The Best Places to Loot in Miramar

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    Miramar arrived some time ago in the mobile version of PUBG (Google Play), but it is noticeable that many players are afraid of that place. Check out this post for the best tips on places to drop and loot and find the best weapons and equipment to get to the end.

    We separate the best places in Miramar for you to loot quickly. We've broken down the list by loot quality, quantity, and risk.

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    In red, riskier places, but with excellent loot. In yellow, the places with medium risk, but with good loot. In the “Military Loot” icon are the best items. In purple are the positions of the cars.

    – Gym and Casino in “Sin”

    • Quality: Very High
    • Quantity: Very High
    • Risk: Very High

    “Sin” is the small town in the middle of the Miramar map. Needless to say, like Pochinki in Erangel, this is the first stop for most players.

    The Gym in Pecado is one of the riskiest places.

    The Gym is the preferred place for most players to loot. The tip is to fall on the side, already inside the gym itself, and run away and collect the most interesting items.

    The Casino is also a great place to look for items. However, in addition to the added risk of encountering other players, there in a little cramped and full of places for enemies to hide, be very careful.

    – Military Camp

    • Quality: Very High
    • Quantity: Very High
    • Risk: Medium

    Little known to mobile players, Campo Militar is probably the place with the best loot on the Miramar map. But the problem is that it is located very far north, almost on the right edge of the map.

    Campo Militar has good loot, but it is a place that is very far away.

    However, the place is worth it. In Campo Militar it will be very easy to find “cover 3” for your entire team. The big problem is the distance. In many games, this location is too far away to loot.

    - The Lions

    • Quality: High
    • Quantity: Very High
    • Risk: Very High

    The Mexican Pochinki. Los Leones is a small town that has a little bit of everything. After “Sin” is the preferred route for many players.

    The place with the most loot on the Miramar map. However, don't expect that 8X to come easily.

    In Los Leones, you will find a large concentration of loot. However, don't be surprised to find it difficult to find that 8X or “cover 3”.

    – General Mines

    • Quality: High
    • Quantity: Very High
    • Risk: Medium

    Now we start to explore Miramar, looking for the best and safest loot. There are a lot of good but not amazing items here. Enough for a full squad, with the graveyard close by if you need to reload.

    The bases of the big mining machines tend to have some of the best stuff, with decent equipment on top of them, and typically some real goodies inside the more administrative, multi-story buildings in the area.

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