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    PUBG Mobile: know the “bugs” to “enter the floor” and “enter the ceiling”

    It's not just Free fire that keeps having problems with bugs. PUBG Mobile also joined the pack with glitches that allow you to "enter the floor" and "climb the ceiling". Such bugs allow you to get kill opponents without being seen. See how they are occasioned.

    It is worth remembering that exploiting these bugs is punishable in PUBG Mobile. If you are reported, and the game team arrives at your report, you could be permanently banned from the game.

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    The idea of ​​this post is precisely to clarify that the bug still exists and that Tencent needs to take action to correct its game.

    The bug does not require any kind of hack or game change. It is used from a normal client, that is, from an official and updated version of the game.

    Both bugs happen in houses and residences that have furniture. In the bug to "enter the ground", the player needs to keep punching a "small table", and at the same time, and quickly crouch. At some point, the character “falls” under the house.

    The ceiling-climbing bug is a little trickier as it involves throwing a grenade near a bookshelf. When done right, the bug allows you to climb on top of this bookcase. The player then stands between the ceiling and the bookcase. Virtually invisible to enemies.

    Remembering once again that you can be punished if you use these bugs. The idea of ​​making this post is precisely to alert you when you are in “School” and die without knowing who hit you. If the game points to something on the “ceiling” or “floor”, you know, you can report it at will.

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