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    PUBG MOBILE holds Copa America this Saturday with Xiaomi and Twitch partnership

    It takes place this Saturday (21), from 18:XNUMX, the Copa America PocoX3 de PUBG Mobile. Carried out in partnership with Twitch e Xiaomi, the cup will be exclusively online and will celebrate the launch of PocoX3 NFC.

    The PocoX3 NFC is a “premium mid-range” version of the Pocophone. Despite not being a top-of-the-line processor, the Snapdragon 732G does very well in games and is able to run PUBG Mobile easily at 60 FPS. However, if it is adopted as the official device of the event, it will be interesting to see the reaction of the competitors, as the western version of the game still does not support 120 FPS (only the Chinese version has support).

    There will be a total of 25 teams of 4 players that will be composed as follows: 1 influencer, 1 pro player, 2 friend and 1 player from the audience from all over Latin America. There will be five rounds, each with unique rules.

    A Copa America PocoX3 will be broadcast on the official eSports channel of PUBG MOBILE on Twitch, with Bida as narrator and commentary from caster Vespa. In addition to them, influencers Zigueira, Rato Borrachudo, Blxckoutz and Frazudo will broadcast their participation directly from their channels.

    In Spain, influencers Zigueira, Rato Borrachudo, Blxckoutz, Frazão, Carrilho, Vitu, Huntergod, Shazam, Nenebete, Capitão Marulho, PedroGG, Skipnho and Korah, among others, are confirmed. Representing Mexico will be Alkapone, robertocein, skysochtv, Barca among others. The competition also has participants from Chile, Peru and Colombia.

    Viewers will be able to participate by joining the team of one of the influencers. In official page of Poco it will be possible to interact through comments in promotional posts for a chance to participate in the competition.

    The championship rounds will be held on the Sanhok, Erangel, Miramar and Livik maps, and each will have its own challenge, as well as rules that will earn points in the fight for victory.

    Sanhok will have two rounds. The first will be the “Red Zone”, where kills by grenades or explosions will be worth double points, and the “Clube da Brawl”, which will only allow kills with melee weapons. On the Erangel map, with "Troll on Wheels", hit and run kills will be worth 10 points each. In Miramar, through the "Eagle's Eye", snipers will be more present on the map and each kill will be worth double points. In Livik, with “Stars Collide”, only captains will play and each point obtained will be worth double.

    The winning team will take $4.000 and 4 PocoX3 NFC smartphones. The 2nd place will receive US$ 2.000 and 4 Mi Band 5, the 3rd place will receive US$ 1.000 and 4 Mi Band 5. The public can also be drawn to win the smartphone and other gifts while watching the official broadcast.


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