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    PUBG MOBILE content creators comment on the best changes to the game

    The 1.6 update of PUBG Mobile brought a true "bis" of the best content in the game. The best modes and maps back for a nostalgic moment.

    It even looks like a farewell atmosphere to the game. Is it because of PUBG New State?

    In this atmosphere of nostalgia, influencers such as “Bizarro, Mística, Larygg and Pé de Pano” commented a little on the news.


    Bizarro Gamer (non-Facebook Gaming streamer): According to the streamer with nearly 20 followers on social media, Runic Mode was his favorite. “It brings a different dynamic to gameplay. I like the idea of ​​putting events in “EvoGround” mode, so people can relive those events.”


    Foot of cloth (PMCO streamer and pro-player): According to him, the details make all the difference. “Now when you shoot from a long distance, you're sure you've really hit the opponent's head, which makes decision-making easier”. It also highlights the improvement in settings. “The new function of regulating the sensitivity of each weapon with the 'ADS' is something super interesting due to the fact of being able to find a sensitivity for each weapon in a specific way.”

    Mística (streamer from Facebook Gaming with 16 thousand followers): The settings update pleased the streamer. "I found it easier because it helps us to adjust according to the sensibility and gameplay of the player". Her favorite mode from update 1.6 was the Erange event. "The bullshit at school and base is always insane and the possibility of buying weapons or ammunition also makes it a lot easier."

    Laryggl (Twitch streamer with 6k followers): According to her Erangel was the most played, while PlayLoad was the favorite. “I liked the events, but particularly I was super happy with the return of Vikendi”. Really, Vikendi was the most awaited by gamers of PUBG MOBILE.

    Is that you? what improvement or change did you like the most in PUBG Mobile? Comment!

    It is worth remembering that with the arrival of New State, it does not mean that PUBG Mobile will be closed, the game will continue to be distributed by Proxima Beta (Tencent).

    PUBG MOBILE It can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play Store.

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