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    PSP Emulator for Android Now Runs Naruto, God of War and More

    The game emulation of PSP No. Android walks in stride. O PPSSPP, PSP emulator for Android it can already emulate an impressive amount of games. Audio is still a crucial factor, but the emulator has come a long way and it is now possible not only to run games and present the splash screens, but to actually play. Games like Naruto and others are already playable, reaching rates of 30-60FPS.

    See below some gameplays of famous games. Some games like Naruto's are even playable.

    Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact

    Naruto Shippuden Legends: Akatsuki Rising


    Of course, the emulation speed depends on the processor of your smartphone or tablet. Turning off some effects can improve gameplay. God of War: Ghost of Sparta is not yet playable, but it's on track, check out the video below:

    The PSP emulator, PPSSPP, can be downloaded for free here. The golden version of the emulator that costs R$13,27 does not guarantee any additional improvements, it was created so that people can collaborate with the development of the emulator by giving financial support to the project.

    [originally published June 6, 2013]

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