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    PS2 Emulator for Android Will Get Achievements and Trophies

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    The PlayStation 2 Emulator for Android, AetherSX2, will receive a very interesting update. The emulator will earn achievements through the RetroAchievements website.

    The novelty appeared in the latest build of the emulator which is still in closed beta testing. The news is expected to arrive very soon in the Google Play version.

    System compatibility for RetroAchievements will come via the same algorithm that governs the PlayStation 2 emulator on PC, PCSX2.

    So right away about 95 games will be compatible with RetroAchievements achievements. You can see what games they are at this link.

    To use RetroAchievements, simply log in and complete achievements while online.

    It is worth remembering once again that the novelty is not yet available in the Android version. It will still arrive via an update in the future.

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    The PS2 emulator for Android keeps evolving. Since it was launched at the end of last year, directly on Google Play, the emulator has been evolving fast and surprising the mobile community. Nowadays it doesn't even require a very powerful smartphone anymore. There are several configurations that allow even the entry-level smartphone to fulfill the PlayStation 2 emulator dream on mobile.


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