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    Promotion on Android: see offline games that are worth it!

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    We're back with the post best games on sale on android. As you may have noticed, we don't do this post very often, because we only write it when the week is really full of quality games.

    Check out the discounted games this week on Google Play. We only select the games that are really worth buying and that are good games to beat on mobile.

    – Sword of Ditto (BRL 23,99 for BRL 4,99)

    Sword of Ditto is a game very similar to “The Legends of Zelda: A Link to the Past”. But there is a big difference between it and the Nintendo classic. This mobile game is procedural, each time the character dies, things change places.

    Sword of Ditto na Google Play (Android)

     Language: English | offline

    – Meganoid (BRL 25,99 for BRL 7,49)

    A platform game in the "run and gun" style. But don't expect easy. This game adds interesting elements like scarcezz of resources and “search”.

    Meganoid na Google Play (Android)

    Language: English | offline

    – Umiro (BRL 10,99 for BRL 4,99)

    A puzzle game by Devolver Digital. Ideal for those who enjoy games like Monument Valley. But that doesn't mean it's the same puzzle style. OK?

    Play Google Play (Android)

     Language: Spanish | offline

    – Reigns (BRL 10,99 for BRL 4,99)

    Mixing cardgame with story and “Tinder” gameplay, Reigns is a fun little game to play on mobile. Reigns even has a version with Game of Thrones characters.

    Reigns na Google Play (Android)

     Language: Spanish | offline

    – Minit (BRL 16,99 for BRL 4,99)

    Another game from Devolver Digital. In Minit you have 60 seconds to explore until your character dies. But death is not the end, as each round he gets stronger. Also with each round, new scenarios appear. Very creative game.

    Minit na Google Play (Android)

     Language: English | offline

    – GRIS (BRL 16,99 for BRL 4,99)

    Winner of several awards, in this indie game, the player controls a girl who is trapped in a strange world. The settings and music are charming, but at the same time reveal the protagonist's emotions.

    GRIS na Google Play (Android)

     Language: Spanish | offline

    – Witcheye (BRL 10,99 for BRL 4,99)

    Another game out of the curve, created by Devolver Digital. In Witcheye, you control the eye of a witch, who has had her things stolen by a knight. There are 50 challenging levels and graphics worthy of the 16-bit generation. Shoot'n up style game.

    Witchey na Google Play (Android)

     Language: Spanish | offline

    – The Sun: Origin (R$ 9,99 por R$ 0,99)

    An offline shooter with elements reminiscent of the Fallout and STALKER games Take on various missions in a game full of mysteries.

    The Sun Origin na Google Play (Android)

     Language: English | offline

    – Slaughter 2: Prison Assault (R$ 4,19 por R$ 1,09)

    Second game in the Slaughter franchise. The player controls a mercenary hired to “take care” of a prison full of bandits of the worst kind.

    Slaughter 2 na Google Play (Android)

     Language: Spanish | offline

    – Downwell (BRL 10,99 for BRL 4,99)

    A Metroid where you only go down, so it can be described Downwell. A game with a very simple look, but addictive gameplay. It's been free before, but if you missed it, check out the promotion.

    Downwell na Google Play (Android)

     Language: Spanish | offline

    – Baldur's Gate II (BRL 38,90 for BRL 9,49)

    Baldur's Gate II returned to Google Play in 2019 and became an improved edition of the original game. Still, this RPG I recommend only for those who are going to play on a big screen like a 10-inch tablet or on a TVbox with a mouse. The reason is that the items and menus are very small. A “root” RPG that cannot be missing from the collection.

    Baldur’s Gate 2 na Google Play (Android)

     Language: English | offline

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