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    Project: Arrival is completely overhauled and gets improved visuals

    Project: Arrival appeared on Google Play in other countries. The survival game has gotten a completely revamped look since we first reported it in August of last year. The game will have a new beta test on January 14th.

    With a version already translated into English, Project: Arrival is a multiplayer open world game that will feature survival elements. The art direction is very beautiful and the monsters in the game look like a mixture of Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4 and PC) with Returnal (PS5).

    The gameplay however, falls on mobile games we already know like LifeAfter and others.

    Trailer de Project Arrival:

    Project: Arrival will start a new closed beta test on January 14th, this time in Canada.

    Description on Google Play:

    Back in the year 2102, REFA, a revolutionary energy source, was created on Earth, which ushered in a new dawn of the era of energy and technological revolution on Earth.

    However, the prosperity only lasted a few years. This highly advanced human civilization has unintentionally come to the attention of a bloodthirsty alien race. In 2122, the Armada of alien cruisers descended on Earth, which signaled the beginning of a long and tortuous interstellar war known as the "War for Freedom". Eventually, humanity managed to resist the alien invasion, but at a terrible price.

    But the damage the war has done to Earth is irreversible, and civilization is now on the brink of apocalypse: cities have been destroyed in dust craters, mutated creatures are running rampant, the ecosystem has been disrupted and natural energy sources have been depleted... The civilizational order has collapsed.

    Now, you will enter this post-apocalyptic world, where the fate of humanity is at stake and the future of civilization is entirely uncertain. As one of the survivors of this destroyed world, you will have to overcome difficulties and fight for survival.

    Danger lurks around every corner. Will you be the spark that reignites the future of human civilization?
    Enter this unknown future world and become the savior of humanity!


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