Project: Arrival: Android and iOS game wins new beta test

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Project: Arrival won a new beta test. Players who are interested in testing this new mobile game that mixes action and survival with cooperative battles for up to 4 players.

The new test is for Canada only, just like the previous ones. But you can download the game and use VPN to test it before launch.

The game first appeared in August of last year, as a survival game in the "Life After" style, but it seems that developers MMC Society want to turn it into a kind of "Mass Effect" + "Genshin Impact".

The new beta test shows that Project: Arrival has gained a lot of content, especially in its intro. The game now has several non-interactive cutscenes that introduce the characters and the story.

Everything still seems kind of "raw", but it already shows that the game is in the right direction.

In addition to the mobile version, a PC version was also confirmed via Facebook.

Description on Google Play:

One hundred years in the future, Earth is invaded by aliens and
devastated in the interstellar war. Toximorphs are rampant, dark
forces emerge everywhere, and more and more plants and animals are
mutated by the erosion of alien genes, threatening the survival of humans
beings. In such a world, what will you do as a survivor?

The apocalypse crumbles the social order, transforming the once familiar
world in a wasteland full of dangers and angry alien creatures.
Rootless and helpless, you need to try your best to survive in the
doomsday, gather essential supplies, build shelters and craft weapons to
rekindle the light of humanity. We still have hope!

Iconic buildings with futuristic sci-fi style
Collaborating with Ma Yansong, a world-famous architect, the game
developers built the Superstar, an iconic building that represents
futuristic architecture, in the game. New concepts and designs were
integrated with future science fiction to bring you an immersive experience
Experience a more realistic and fantastical future game world.

Immersive survival experience
The game features high quality realistic graphics that adopts 3A standard
modeling and rendering, creating dynamic landscapes and
environment, and providing highly immersive apocalyptic survival
experience. To stay alive, you need to pay close attention to your
physical indicators, feed yourself, venture out and gather all kinds of

Explore the huge open world
Not only does the game feature more than ten types of high fidelity
terrains such as desert, swamp, forest and city ruins, also has a
dynamic cycle of weather and climate that provides an immersive experience.
You can travel the world freely and experience various interactive games
modes. You can also explore the spaceship wreckage by crawling with
aliens, zoom under the city's neon lights, and even infiltrate labs to unravel
the secrets of alien genes. The thrilling and realistic survival of the game
atmosphere awaits you.

High-tech futuristic weapons
Hundreds of cutting-edge futuristic weapons equipped with different
Special skills are available for you to select. You can win multiple fights
experiences combining/upgrading different weapons and taming pets.
You can also earn rich rewards by challenging powerful enemies with

Build your ideal home
As doomsday poses fatal threats, humans must unite. You will meet
other survivors, form 4-player camps and work on free construction,
unrestricted trade and livestock. With joint efforts and close mutual
help, you will become a real family.

Various PVP/PVE modes
Giant bosses, waves of monster attacks, realistic and dynamic terrain
weather create epic battle scenarios. There are multiple real-time PVP/PVE
modes and you'll be choosing from multiple multiplayer attacks to fight
The game offers a fair competition experience and you will need
work closely with friends on challenges. Time to put your games and
Cooperative skills to the test!


Video of the new beta test:


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