Priston Tale: classic from the 2000s is coming to cell phones soon

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Developer FOW Games last year unveiled its plan to bring the classic PC MMORPG, Priston Tale, for cell phones. This week the company revealed the game's release date: Priston Tale M will be released in South Korea on September 2, 2022.

Priston Tale M promises to keep many features of the original game, while also bringing new ideas. The game will have 2 original races and 8 classes.

Priston Tale is a game that marked an era, especially in Spain. The game's community was very tight-knit and the trading and helping system between players was one of its strongest points.

But like any MMORPG of the time, Priston Tale was a simple game and the M version, for mobile, will be no different.

Gameplay videos:



It's a title that promises to be anchored more in nostalgia. Several MMORPG games that have been released in recent years have appealed to nostalgia a lot.


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