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    Pokémon Masters arrives on mobile by September

    The Pokémon Company is working fast to bring the game to mobile Pokémon Masters. In the best "Nintendo Direct" style, the producer posted a video (very long even) demonstrating the game that arrives until September for Android and iOS.

    Pokémon Masters will be an online RPG with battles between players. The combat system will be simplified (3v3). Each player chooses 3 Pokémon from their Pokedex to face the opponent.

    The big difference in the new game will be the real-time combat. Something very different from the old franchise games, all in turns.

    The opening of the entire game in anime stands out, but with the character Red (Satoshi) in place of Ash.

    – Root Pokémon, adapted for mobile

    Pokémon Masters was developed by The Pokémon Company in partnership with DeNA. But unlike other titles, this time the people at Game Freak participated a lot in the project, which featured designers such as Ken Sugimori, who designed the first 151 original Pokemon.

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    – Collecting Pokemon Masters

    Pokémon Masters won't exactly be a game of just collecting pokémon. The game will follow a principle of "Sync Pairs", where each trainer will be linked to 3 pokémon. With that, the game becomes a "collector of pokémon collectors".

    - Release date of

    According to The Pokémon Company, the game arrives this summer in the west. In other words, it will arrive here by September 2019.

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