Pokémon GO TUTORIAL: tips on how to throw Poké Balls and earn XP faster

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The way you throw Poké Balls in Pokémon GO varies a lot, and through it, you may or may not gain an experience bonus (XP). In the video below of the caster Sonecarox, you will see an explanation of what each hoop is that appears when capturing pokemons, and how to earn up to 100 XP points.


Among the most valuable tips in the video are:

  • To capture the Pokémon, throw the Poké Ball inside the circle that moves.
  • Green circle = Easy capture; Yellow = medium difficulty; Red = Hard
  • To throw a curved throw, just slide your finger a little with the selected Poké Ball, and then throw it to the right or left.
  • Starting at level 12, you unlock the Great Ball, with which you can catch rarer Pokemon.

These are small tips, but they are of great help when it comes to being one step ahead of the other coaches in your city.

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