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    Pokémon GO TUTORIAL: How to earn free PokéCoins

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    Like any free-to-play game, Pokémon GO has in-app purchases. From Poké Balls to new Egg Incubators, you have to pay for a lot of in-game items, and that's done with PokéCoins. In this tutorial, you will see how to earn more PokéCoins and evolve in the game without having to spend real money.

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    There is only one way to earn PokéCoins currently:


    – Defend Gyms

    Promotional Images Make It Clear There Will Be Pokémon Battles and Gyms in Pokémon GO

    Upon reaching level 5, gyms are unlocked. When capturing a gym, you can place a pokemon there to defend the place. For each victory of that pokémon, you earn PokéCoins. But you don't have to be the Gym Leader to earn PokéCoins. You can place a pokémon to help a gym on your team and earn PokéCoins too.

    Daily each Parked Pokemon will reward you with 10 PokeCoins and 500 Stardust.

    [originally published July 19, 2016]

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