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    Pokémon GO: player is unfairly banned for creating Pokéstops course

    Niantic is on the lookout for players earning XP quickly. However, the producer seems to have forgotten about the loopholes they created. Streamer Jimmy Derocher took advantage of one of these loopholes to try to earn 1 million XP in less than 24 hours. The feat would be proved live via the internet by the

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    - How was the player's feat

    Before you think, no hacks. Jimmy set up a live streaming apparatus to prove that it was possible to earn up to a million XP in just one day. He created a special route, along with friends, and would always visit the same Pokétops. All equipped with lures, Jimmy using Lucky eggs and Incense all at the same time.

    The stream was going very well, and around the 13th hour, he realized that he had suffered the “soft ban” (the famous soft-ban) from Niantic. Despite interacting with Pokéstops, Jimmy was no longer able to capture pokémon. A pity, because there were only 400.000 points left to reach the goal of 1 million XP in 24 hours.

    Path created by Jimmy that took just 5 minutes to complete.

    The route was planned in the city of Austin, captain of the state of Texas, United States. Jimmy always took the same route and even took a few random breaks to avoid a softban, but there was no way around it.

    Jimmy even reached out to Niantic via Twitter, claiming that he would even donate the money from the stream to a charity organization if the producer removed the ban. What did not happen.

    This case just proves how Niantic has no sophisticated system for banning hackers. It simply bans those who advance fast in the game, even if in a completely legitimate way. In large cities, there are several Pokéstops that are so close together that the player doesn't even need to move. With a few bucks it is possible to level up at an absurd rate. Rather than fixing this, Niantic prefers to limit players' experience.

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