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    Pokémon GO lost 80% of its players in 2016

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    According to a report released by ComScore, the mobile game Pokémon GO lost 80% of its players in 5 months. This means that, out of 10 people, 8 uninstalled the game. According to the analysis, the peak of active players was 28,5 million, and in December 2016, it reached a stable amount of 5 million.

    The fall was something to be expected. As our article pointed out, most gamers uninstall a free mobile game after a few weeks. However, the fever has passed is not a positive thing for Niantic. This could affect the future of the franchise in the mobile universe.

    It is worth mentioning that the report only presents data from July and December 2016. The report does not inform, for example, the game data after the addition of the 2nd generation. So there is still hope for the game to capture the public's interest again.

    Even so, this is certainly cause for concern for Niantic. Pokémon GO had the potential to be a mega hit like Clash of Clans e Hearthstone. For the reader to have an idea, Clash of Clans has no less than 100 million active players (2016 data) and Hearthstone (at least 50 million active players).

    Source: Eurogamer

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