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    Pocket Gamer celebrates 14 years!

    Sometimes I wonder how far we are from where it all started. Heck, Pocket Gamer is already 14 years old!

    Seeing a market being created from scratch and then seeing it overtake even the most successful console market is impressive. Mobile games have gone from being a joke to darlings in the gaming market.

    Pocket Gamer and “his arm” in the business,, saw it all happen much closer than we did. After all, they were in direct contact with several developers. They've seen the rise and fall of Java, Symbian, Brew, and Windows Phone. In addition to the ultra successful Android and iOS.

    According to the article on the site, there were 66.500 articles, 500 podcast episodes and a beautiful youtube channel.

    See the first version of the website.

    We at Mobile Gamer Spain wish Happy Birthday to the entire Pocket Gamer team and Steel Media.

    And do you remember that time? What was the first site specializing in mobile games you visited?

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