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    Piologo Brothers Bullshit is amazing 2D adventure

    The Piologo Brothers Bullshit is a free game available for Android. Unlike Avaina da Pau, “A Treta” is a much more elaborate game, which consists of a 2D adventure with similarities to Super Mario and Contra games.

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    – How is the game “A Treta dos Irmãos Piologo”

    In this side scrolling game, the objective is to reach the end of the level intact. The player commands one of the Piologo brothers, more precisely Rodrigo. He is very angry that his other brother, Ricardo, took all of his games to the other world.

    By using a special controller (very inappropriate for minors), Rodrigo gains superpowers and embarks on an adventure alongside the machine gun shepherd. He will help you with tips to get through the initial stages.

    The Piologo Brothers bullshit looks like a mix of “Super Mario World” and “Contra”. Armed with a chicken that shoots eggs from its butt, the player shoots at enemies. The game has a somewhat high degree of difficulty. Which is very good.

    There are few blows to end Rodrigo's life. Once defeated, the player has the option to revive. You can use the gold collected or ask the pastor for help through prayer and a sponsored video ad.

    - Opinion

    Treta dos Irmãos Piologo is an excellent 2D game, with light visuals and very fun gameplay. Imagine a Contra style 2D shooter with lots of fun and uproar.

    The game is a little challenging at first, but this helps with the title's longevity. The audio is great, full of fun phrases and profanity. There is a whole work of setting the game in the universe of the Piologo Brothers. Treta doesn't feel like a silly click bait game. In fact, the care and commitment that the 2Dverse studio had to produce the game is visible.

    Link to Download on Android (Google Play)

    Developer: 2DVerse
    Advertising: Yes | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 2.3
    Language: Spanish | Size: 141 MB

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