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    PicoPico: app lets you play retro MSX and NES games on your phone

    PicoPico is an application that lets you play various old games from old MSX computer and video games like NES. The platform's focus is 8-bit games, with a lot of nostalgia, of course.

    Nostalgia from start to finish

    There are dozens of classic games to play. Some you can start the game directly, others, just by subscribing to a paid plan or watching an ad.

    With music and app sounds made by legend Yuzo Koshiro, PicoPico is an app developed by D3Enterprise and part of ProjectEGG.

    As you may have noticed, the app is not about “piracy”. It is all legal and you can play the games without any problems.

    Most games are Arcade, but there are some “zero games” as well.

    Everything at PicoPico is uncomplicated. From the menus, to supporting Bluetooth controls. The app lets you access everything very easily.

    There's just one little problem. In fact, a big problem. It is online only, when you play without paying.

    To be able to play offline, you need to subscribe to the service. The cost of the subscription is R$12,99 per month and gives access to games that are not available to users

    PicoPico is available for Android and iOS. See some of the games that are available in the app:

    • Zanac
    • Pipeline Dai Sakusen
    • Spelunker
    • Topple zip
    • Youkai Tantei Chima
    • Dragon Slayer IV (Legacy of the Wizard)
    • Xanadu
    • Battletoads




    Developer: D4Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
    Advertising: Yes | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 7 / iOS 12
    Language: English | Size: 20 MB

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