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    PES 2017 Mobile: First impressions of the new football game (Android and iOS)

    All about PES 2017 Mobile! The modes, the gameplay and much more! We tested the beta of Konami's upcoming mobile game, which marks the producer's return with a full-fledged soccer game. Check out our first impressions.

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    – The tested version

    The tested version of the game is Android. The minimum requirement is a device with Android 5.0. The whole game weighs approx. 1.2 GB. In addition, there is data that can be downloaded later, such as narration. The download of the narration in Spanish was 150 MB.

    PES 2017 Mobile requires constant internet connection.

    – Beautiful graphics

    P's first impressionES 2017 Mobile couldn't be more positive. The game looks very nice. It doesn't try to print very heavy graphics and even so, it looks much better than games like FIFA Mobile, FIFA 15 coins e DLS 2016.

    The player figures are very similar to those of FIFA Mobile, but everything else is much prettier, especially the fans, interface, sponsorships and stadiums. The fact that the game has the same club licenses as the console version will attract a lot of users. Yes, there are Spanish teams and players in PES 2017 Mobile.

    – Game in Spanish with narration by Milton Leite

    The second thing that stands out about PES 2017 Mobile is the fact that the beta is all in Spanish. And it's not just text, the game has narration by Milton Leite, very good by the way.

    To put the narration in Spanish, just access the main menu >> extras >> config >> download comment. Despite being a beta, the translation is very good and practically ready for the final release.

    – confusing controls

    The only point to highlight in PES 2017 Mobile are the controls. Not that they're entirely bad, but they're confusing to say the least. Konami has adopted a system without on-screen buttons. It's not a touch system like FIFA Mobile. Despite not being visible, the virtual joystick is there.

    The issue is the right side of the screen. Some moves require awkward commands like double tapping the screen and then swiping, just to kick high and far.

    Passes are simpler, just slide your right thumb in the direction the other player is. But crossing is quite complicated, the Konami came up with a command where you swipe from side to side.

    It's a matter of getting used to. It is also worth noting that PES 2017 Mobile does not have automatic mode like the FIFA Mobile. All matches must be played by the user. Matches are a bit time consuming for mobile gaming standards. Each time lasts 5 minutes.

    – All modes that are in the game (so far)

    PES 2017 Mobile, at least in beta, is packed with modes. Are two campaign modes(!)To special events mode and beat the drums, two multiplayer modes, one online and one local via Bluetooth (palmas para a Konami).

    Don't worry, it's not over. PES 2017 Mobile still has some modes related to club administration (manager style), such as: agent selection, training, scout, player auction, coach choice, etc..

    – Monetization and Energy Bar

    The new player acquisition system is a bit confusing as you don't open little packages like in FIFA Mobile. Players are hired by scouts in an auction system. The better the scout, the better the players.

    The auctions are defined by the players, you choose the value of your bid and if you win, then yes, a menu with "random balls" opens and one of them reveals your new player. The game shows, before opening a "ball", the players you can win.

    However, everything runs on a contract system that ends once in a while, so you have to do well in matches to be able to renew contracts and keep the best players on the team.

    PES 2017 Mobile has power limiter. The money spent on auctions and contract renewals are called G Points, but there are also golden coins (My Club) that still have no purpose in the game.

    - Conclusion

    If all this is in the final version of the game, it will be very interesting to draw a comparison with what is on the market for soccer games For mobile. PES 2017 Mobile has everything to be the most complete game on the market. But as we said before, this is a beta of the game, and a lot can change until the final version.

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