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    Perfect World Mobile: English version in trials (Download the APK)

    Perfect World Mobile is now open beta testing for the English version. The game will be released globally soon, but it is already possible to test the game. And my friends, the game is beautiful!

    Watch a gameplay video:

    Perfect World Mobile is one of the heaviest games of 2019. That's about 3GB of data to download. We've talked about the game before, when it was first introduced in 2018 and when the Chinese version came out in March of this year. In China, the game also has a PC version (not emulated). Will we see the same here?

    There is still no date set for the launch, but for sure Perfect World Mobile will arrive in 2019 with versions for Google Play in Spain and the App Store.

    This video below is really cool. Players remember the classic from 12 years ago and now it will be remade and improved for mobile.


    Download APK

    Google Play

    App Store

    Official website (in Chinese)

    Official website (in Spanish)



    [originally published August 25, 2019]

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