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    Payday Crime War: New beta test shows little has changed since 2018

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    Payday Crime War is a multiplayer shooter for Android and iOS that also has modes where you have to simulate a bank robbery. With turbulent development, this game has already switched developers and publishers. Is it still the salvation for the “Payday Mobile”?

    A new beta test started 6 days. And the disappointment continues.

    Even after so many years, Payday Crime War still doesn't have a full bank robbery mode. Instead of a mode where you have to plan the action with friends, Payday Crime War still boils down to a game with Deathmatch mode. There is the option to steal, yes, a safe, but nothing that compares to the game modes in the computer version.

    Payday Mobile morreu

    At this point in development, after almost 6 years, it is possible to say that the so-called “Payday Mobile” is dead. The game never even came close to what it was supposed to be.

    Payday Crime War still feels like a mobile game from 2016 (announced in 2017, development probably started in 2016). When the first beta appeared there in 2018, the game already looked outdated. The problem is when we put it aside from the current generation mobile shooters. Visual, gameplay and movement completely outdated compared to the most current games.

    The question remains whether Payday Crime War will one day be the game we've been waiting for? After so many years, code sales and studio changes, it seems that Crime War will really be just a mobile shooter with the name “Payday” pasted on the front.

    Despite the site's announcement, the game still doesn't have a bank robbery mode with other players. There's no steath, no strategy, no NPCs, nothing. I very much doubt that Payday Crime War will ever be as it should be. Until then, it's easier to play Payday 2 via Geforce Now.

    Link to test the game:

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